🇩🇪 Germany x World RR

hello ^^
may i join Group 696 - Wishlist (Germany) please?
thank you much!

Welcome Matrini! I hope you enjoy this RR :slight_smile:
I suppose your wishlist is the same as in your profile, isn’t it? :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Group #693: I have received a nice Pokemon card from manu86, thank you! You can see the card here (and uploaded your received cards!): Germany x Other Countries RR

group 691

I´ve sent my cards just at 02. Nov 2020

I received from @pammykay a great “World Postcard Day 2020” card of the United States, from Meeting in Washington, DC :heart:
Thanks a lot !

Updated, thank you!

Hi! I would like to sign up for #686 - Cuisine/Food/Drinks, please :slight_smile:

Welcome @jill2t04

Addresses sent to Group #686

Enjoy it!!

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Group 686 - Cuisine/Food/Drinks

I sent a postcard today :blush:

Done :slight_smile:

Hi!May I join the group 692?

Hello and welcome @Maxiggh ! I need your address before adding you to the group!
Thank you!

Group 691:

Thanks to blue44 for a card full of beautiful deer.

Updated :slight_smile:

Group 693
Thanks fot @BabyShukra for the great view at San Sebastian. I know San Sebastian in La Gomera. Thanks.


group 696 — received from @BabyShukra

Thank you very much for the great FOTW card of Spain :heart:

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My cards for group 686 are ready and start traveling on monday.

Updated :smiley:

I would like to join

Group 692 - Castles


Thank you!!