Geography Tag – Any Letter

In this tag, you send the recipient a card showing a place that begins with any letter used in the name of the previous card. It can be a park, village, city, region, country, even a continent. :world_map:

I was the last tagger in the old forum and I tagged sol3 with LOS ANGELES. The next person who tags me should send a card of a place that starts with L, O, S, A, N, G or E. You don’t have to live at that place, you only have to have a card that you can send.

This tag was created by lew2424.

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Tag @Feuerstuhl with Nampa

N A M or P for me, please.

Tag @MystiqueDeep with American Samoa

Please tag me with A M E R I C N S or O

I have your address. :blush: :postbox:

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tag @PamUSAOhio with China Map
I have your address. :grin:

for me,C,H,I,N,A,plz

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tagging @Suir with IRELAND :ireland:

for me: I, R, E, L, A, N or D

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Tag @Genevril with Idaho

I D A H or O for me, please.

Tag @MystiqueDeep with Derawan

for me: D, E, R, A, W, N

Tag @yudi with New York

N E W Y O R K for me

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Tag @pjsubway with Yorkshire
I have your address

Y O R K S H I E for me please

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Tag @mavra with Yellowstone

Y E L O W S T N for me please.

tag @MystiqueDeep with Wien

W I E N for me

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Tag @ktrya14 with New York

N E W Y O R K for me, please


Y O G A K R T for me

Tag @yudi with Ravenscar

R A V E N S C for me please

tag @mavra with Alessandria

A L E S N D R I for me, please

tag @sol3 with Skagway

S K A G W Y for me please!

tag @GeoJosh with Yangtze River
Y、A、N、G、T、Z、E plz~

Tag @Suir with Niagara Falls

I have your address!

N I A G R F L S for me, please!

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tag @judohelen with Gdynia

G D Y N I A for me :slight_smile:

@ktrya14 with Altai
A L T I for me