FULL! Unesco Meeting Amsterdam 22-10-2022 - 12.00h GMT

Hey For swap?

Hello everybody. I’m interested in the meetup postcard.
Does anyone want to swap?
I can offer this card

Please let me know :grinning:

some one would swap with me? i can send different genova meetupcard

Hi Maria, I’m in Amsterdam now and let me know if there’s a lunch or dinner so we can meet up with you guys. We should be fine with Rotterdam meetup too!

Welcome @Violet in Amsterdam. We’re having lunch today at De Bazel, Vijzelstraat 32, around 13.30. It depends how long the tour will take place.

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Hello) very beautiful postcard, I want an exchange
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Hi! Nice card :grin: Is someone interested in swap? I can offer some meet- up cards from St.Petersburg or anything from my swap- album Anmelden | VK

Thank you dear @piavano for the beautiful card from this meeting. :smiley:
Thank you all who signed :writing_hand:t2: the nice postcard from the meeting in Amsterdam. :netherlands:


Thank you Meidans for the nice card. All the best from germany. Klaus K

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I received another card from dear @soundstorm. :slight_smile:

Very nice card! :heart_eyes: