FULL! Unesco Meeting Amsterdam 22-10-2022 - 12.00h GMT

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Amsterdam
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Stadsarchief Amsterdam, De Bazel - Vijzelstraat 32
:calendar: DATE: 22nd of October 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12.00h GMT
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

This year Unesco World Heritage celebrates 50 years official existance.

In Amsterdam we gather at the Amsterdam Archive building and will visit the exposition of the treasures of Amsterdam which is located in a former bankbuilding.
There’s also information about Amsterdam Unesco and a lovely bookshop with postcards.
There will be a guided tour in the building and after that we will meet at the restaurant ‘De Bazel’ for lunch, chatting, laughing and oh yes signing cards.

If people want, we can go for a canal tour after the meeting.

12.00h : get together
12.15h : start guided tour
13.30h : lunch @ De Bazel + signing cards

Afterwards : optional boat tour for those who want.

There’s place for 15 people. Some people are helping me with organising, thinking etc. They are on the participantslist allready. Because this topic was already created here : October 22 and 23, 50 years Unesco meetup weekend in Amsterdam and Rotterdam , the list is already full. You can still subscribe but you will be on the waiting list. Eventually there will be a second meeting later this year if there is enough interest.

The cost of the tour at the Archive depends on the amount of participants. If 15 people sign up for the meeting in Amsterdam, it will be 6 euros.

If you sign up for the meeting you agree to take part on the tour and you agree to pay them in advance. Also there will be a request to give your lunch wishes before the meeting. There will be also a meeting card. When the design is ready, we’ll show it here.
For meetingcard see third ‘section’

Warm greetings and hope to see you then!
Maria and Veerle


Participants :

  1. @meidans paid 40 cards and tour
  2. @veke250 paid 20 cards and tour
  3. @Nelly-and-Veerle paid 20 cards and tour
  4. @soundstorm paid 30 cards and tour
  5. @mar127 paid 20 cards and tour
  6. @WilmaT paid 20 cards and tour
  7. @sylsillie paid 25 cards and tour
  8. @Miranda78 paid 25 cards and tour
  9. @Nikietje paid 30 cards and tour
  10. @jessy209 paid 30 cards and tour
    @bora1976 cann’t come. :unamused:
  11. @piavano :slight_smile: paid 20 cards and tour
  12. @helmamartens paid 20 cards and tour
  13. @Leentjebuur paid 20 cards and tour
  14. @postcrossingbo paid 20 cards and tour
    @Annerie cann’t come :cry:. Welcome
    @ItsDunnies cann’t come either :disappointed_relieved: so if you want you’re Welcome
  15. @Melelo :grinning: Paid 20 cards and tour
  16. @blijdatikschrijf paid 35 cards and tour
  17. @Ineke54 paid 20 cards and tour
  18. @Virgillia paid 20 cards and tour
  19. @island7 paid 15 cards and tour

Meeting card Amsterdam

The design is aproved by @mundoo and can be ordered until october 1st.

The price will be 30 cents per card and will be sent to you in advance, so you will be able to prepare the cards before the meeting and we will have more time to enjoy our being together, our lunch and maybe will have time left for a canaltour.

So please let me know how many cards you would like to order. Paymentdetails for the cards and tour and also canaltour will follow by PM



Can I be at the waiting list? I would love to go to a meet up in my own city :relaxed:


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I am jessy209 from number 10 but Made it a Jessica209 :sweat_smile:
Can you change it please?


Done, I first didn’t understand what new name you exactly meant. But now it should be okay.

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I don’t know… but hope that it doesn’t creates a problem

I don’t think so, you’re still the same person, only your name changed

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Who wants a swap a postcard with me?

I’ll SWAP a card with you. I hope that I will be able to post it here september 5. I’m waiting for a proof to see how the quality is and how the colors will come out. The design is already aproved by Mundoo.

I will give my spot to someone else. I can’t come,have booked a weekend away.

Thank you for letting me know, sorry to hear that you won’t come. I hope you’ll enjoy the weekend.

Dank je wel voor al het werk Maria, ik heb voor 20 kaarten plus de rondleiding overgeboekt. :blush:

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Ha Maria,

Thank you for organizing this UNESCO meetup, a lot of work…
I’d like to have 30 cards and paid already for cards+ tour.
See you,

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Received, thank you

Beautiful card!
Although I am nr 3 on the waiting list and I expect not to be in, I have a question: Is it possible for us on the waiting list, to order postcards, too?

I will order enough cards, so there will be cards available for you and the others as well.
I’ll do my best for you all to see what’s possible that day.

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Hello meidans, can you put my name on the waitinglist? I would love to join this meetup if possible, as Amsterdam is my home town. Thanks!

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I think there’s a little chance, but I’m sure there will be a new meetup soon with the same program

Hoera, ik heb net gebeld en de onderstaande mrnsen kunnen nog mee met de rondleiding, met de vermelding dat dit écht de laatste deelnemers zijn.
Laten jullie weten of jullie inderdaad nog willen komen en hoeveel kaarten ik voor jullie mag bedtellen? Dan voeg ik jullie daarna nog toe aan de groepsmail.