FULL --- Postcrossing Meets Happy Stones 11th till 12th FEBRUARY 2023 in RIJEN (Noord-Brabant)

Im so so sorry, but I and @weselfee79 must cancel that meetup. :pensive:

If its possible we take the ordered card.

Does everyone already know what to paint on the stones?
Rowena suggested to look up on pinterest and other sites👍
Speaking for myself, when I don’t know what to draw, I always draw snail mail snails, as if they arrive spontaneously :slight_smile:
So I made this design to paint on my stone :blush: (less detailed then, because paint on stone will be less detailed than this pen-and-colouring-pencil on paper :sweat_smile: )



I was curious, did you send your adres already?
Because I can’t find it, much mail in my inbox.

I wanted to see what time I have to leave. It’s a 2 houres drive for me.

Thank you @rowena2403 for sending me the lovely meet-up card and a big thank you to all other participants for signing the card. :slight_smile: I hope you had a great time in Rijen!

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Dear @helmamartens many thanks for sending me the lovely colourful meetup card. You chose a very nice washitape with bottles of paint on the back :smile:
I hope you all had a great time.

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hello some one would swap with me meetup card?

@ spidermoro, I have a card left, so if you want to swap, please send me a direct message