Full - Easter Meetup - Gouda

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Gouda
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Brasserie Bar De Zalm - markt 34 - Gouda
:calendar: DATE: 8 april 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11.30 - 12.00 uur arrival
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

I want to host a high tea meetup in Gouda at this location: Bar Brasserie De Zalm.
Cost for the high tea is € 22,50 (current price). This could change over the next months but if that would happen, I’ll post it here as well. It is very much appreciated if the bill is paid in one go - so I will be asking you via a tikkie to pay the 22,50 euro’s for the high tea in advance. That way you don’t have to think about paying on te day itself.
For this I will send the tikkie with the ammount late March 2023 … No payment means you won’t participate.

For more info about what you can expect for that price:

The plan is as follows:
We are gathering at Gouda station around 11.30 o’clock in the morning. Then we can slowly walk towards the Markt where the restaurant is. There is no need to rush and if some people arrive a bit late that is OK too …
We have a table waiting for us at 12.30 and than we will start with the high tea and writing cards :slight_smile:
Keep in mind I want to ask you to keep cards that can be signed to 20 cards per person at the meeting itself (esp. if we are with a large(r) group).
Of course you can order more cards but then only 20 of those cards can be signed at the meetup.
For now I made an initial reservation for 20 people - so if there are more people I want to put them on the waiting list for the time being.

I designed 2 meetup cards

Card A - teapot & high tea layout

Card B - easter layout

Cards are 40 cents each and I want to try and order this in the first week of January … If I see you at another meetup / meeting I am able to give it to you there - otherwise I am going to give this to you in April at the meetup itself.
If you are unable to attend the meetup (for any reason) and you did order (and pay) for the cards, I can send it to you after payment of shipping costs. Cards will not be signed in that case!

  • For the cards I will also send you a tikkie via PM so you can pay for the cards in January or February 2023


  1. Chris121 – christine
  2. Pinktulip
  3. Helen_James
  4. Florisca (ovb)
  5. Deeske1974
  6. Natasja12
  7. SusanneMartijn
  8. Muppet450 (ovb)
  9. Specialhorse
  10. mar127
  11. Jessie0691
  12. Itsagoldskey
  13. Rowena(ovb)
  14. Frankie (ovb) (Rowena’s husband)
  15. ItsDunnies (ovb)
  16. Miranda78
  17. Catter1llar
  18. andrea236
  19. Blijdatikschrijf
  20. 940gl (ovb)


  1. Laddy84
  2. CreaMootje

I like to come

I Would like to participate please

sounds like a nice idea :blush: Can you add me to the list (ovb)?

Jaaa graag

Yes please.

i like your meeting , yes please , count me in

Please can you put me on the list (OVB). I have to wait for my work schedule.

Kom heel graag :slight_smile:

Yes please.

Ik kom graag.

sounds like a great idea. Can you add me to the list (ovb)? :upside_down_face:

Wil je mij en mijn man @frankie ook op de lijst zetten. Wel nog als een ovb natuurlijk.

Count me in.under ovb

Mag ik op de lijst (OVB)? Is het wellicht ook een idee om korting te vragen bij het restaurant als we met zoveel komen?

Ik ben er graag!

I would like to come

I’d love to come, too!

Gave kaarten :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Photos of cards are in the first post/
For now the meeting is full.
Anyone who would love to join anyhow - feel free to reply - I’ll put you on the waiting list and if someone else is not able to make it there will be a few free spots available.