FULL ---- 27 March 2022 Spring meetup in Venlo

I would like to come to the meeting.

I don’t need cards.

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I would love to be there and meet you all in person again. 10 cards, please.


15 cards for me please

if there is still room. I would love to come :slight_smile:

ofcourse there is still room left :slight_smile: i’ll add you to the list

Dag naar Nederlands!
Groetjes uit Duitsland:
Keulen ^^ Cathedral-Stadt aan Rijn ~~
Yes, I want to visit my 1. postcrossing meetup in Venlo NL.
I want to take 50 cards please.
Wish you a magical wintertime with lots of lovely moments and positive meetings with warm smiles & lots of love, harmony, health, joy, peace and happiness.
All good things come in threes: Faith # Love # Hope
Tot ziens


I would like to come. 40 cards, please.

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I would love to come too :slight_smile:

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I would love to join in. Can I have ten cards please. Thank you!

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Hoi frankie

Ik (iris) en vriendin (petra)

Wilde ons opgeven voor de meetup in venlo

M v g iris

Ps ik zou graag voor 20 euro postkaarten willen bedankt

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It is a “yes” now, I can attend the meeting. :grinning:


keep an eye on your mail (box) because between today and the 6th of march everyone is getting an private message. thank you very much in advance.

I would like to come, too, if it is possible, it will be my first meeting!
I would like 25 postcards please.
Greetings, Kayla


@muppet450 @pareltje21 @SanneElle jullie hebben een prive bericht ontvangen .

Would love to join;)

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I would like to come, if is possible?


Hello, please count me in for the last place in the meeting.
I woulod like to take 50 cards. Is it possible to get more at the meeting if I do like the
image a lot, or is it possible to see the image somewhere now?
What about stamps. Is it possible to get some in Venlo on Sunday?

Regards Martin (Mattin62)

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Hello Frankie,
thank you for your reply. OK, it’s not really my most liked kind of cards, but the recievers may like them (I hope so). I’ll take the 50 cards but if you run out of cards may be 40 is OK too. It’s up to you.

Martin (Mattin62)

Lovely, i would like to recieve one card, please. :heart_eyes: love from India! :india:

Dear Frankie,
the IBAN you wrote to me isn’t correct. Could you please send me a message with the correct one so that I cn pay for the meetup cards?