<FULL>24 July 2024 - Summer Meetup in Tainan 2024

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Tainan city
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Dandan Burger, No. 380, Chenggong Rd, North District, Tainan City,
:calendar: DATE: 24.7.2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 18:30-20:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Sign original postcards, interact with other members,
Charge: NT$50 (5 original postcards) + your food or beverage expenses
Capacity: 4 people

Hello everyone. I am a tourist from Japan and I love Taiwan! Last year I held two Taipei Meetups. And I am back in Taiwan again.
It’s been 6 years since my last trip to Tainan.I would like to organize a mini meetup to talk with postcrossers living in Tainan.
It is a weekday evening, please feel free to join us :blush:.
If you are interested in Japanese used stamps, I will bring lots of them (for free!). I’ll be there.
I only speak Japanese and little English, but I am really looking forward to meeting you!

  1. jo_jo
  2. CHEN
  3. Yu
  4. Alice

Delicious postcard i would love to have one in swap. Have a great time ya all :heart::face_holding_back_tears:

I would love to join!:face_holding_back_tears:
Thank you so much!

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Hi! I would like to join!

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I want to join🀩

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