From Canada looking for new penpals from USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, new Zealand Asia

Hi my name is Jodie I am looking for new penpals. I am wanting penpals in Canada, USA, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and Asia. I love traveling, nature, history, historical places, paranormal, cement aries, animals wild life and more. People 35 years and older please. I am also a empath and Infj if if you are one too that would d be better. But not necessary.

PM Sent

PM sent.

I emailed you thanks


Hi there!

Are you still looking?

I’m Dutch, almost 45, am married to my Swedish Viking and we have 4 cats.

I love writing letters (am not good at decorating and such though), reading books and take walks. I also love a good laugh.

Hope to hear from you!

Hi I would love to write you thanks for your reply on my thread. I would kd love to be pals.  I too do not decorate my letters. Not that creative in decorating but I love to write. Please message me we can exchange addresses thanks

I’m still looking for a few more new pals. For anyone interested.