French students ready to send you back beautiful handmade cards

Hello. I am a French teacher teaching English in a middle school in the nice suburbs of Paris. I started postcrossing in October with a class of 30 students aged 13 to 14.

They really appreciated reading profiles and adapting their messages and handmade cards to the addressee. They really tried to do their best in a small amount of time. They were surprised by the positive comments they got from the addressees. So far we can only send 7 cards at the same time so we have not received that many.

I am sure they would be delighted if you could send them Christmas cards or New Year cards . They would answer to each card they received with a lovely handmade card and a personalised message.

I do hope I can trust the postcrossing community. I am glad to be a member of it and to share with my pupils the joy of writing cards and receiving some.

We are looking forward to reading your cards.
Wishing you a beautiful winter season.

Lots of love.

Our school address:
Collège Louis Blanc
Mrs Farges Émilie and the 4em6
7 bld Les Mûriers
94210 La Varenne Saint Hilaire

Emilie Farges and the pupils of 4em6



I’ll send a holiday postcard from NZ :smiley:

Wow😍 going to send one or some beautiful Christmas cards! Should I write my address on it? (Though I’m not sure France can send postcards to Russia☹)


Thank you so much! They will be thrilled.

Yes, you can write your address and we will answer. Thanks a lot.


PM sent

Card is coming

Vuelen Dank! That’s very kind of you.

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This is great!
Sending a card from Canada.

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Great idea! I will send a Christmas card from Germany :mrs_claus:

Hi, I will send you a card from the Netherlands

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And another one from Germany coming your way. Also handmade, if that’s ok? I like to be creative and am always happy to find someone to send those cards to.

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I will be happy to send you a New Year’s card from Japan :blush:

Postcard sent / carte postale envoyée!

I would love to send a card! Such a cool thing to do in class :slight_smile:

I’m happy to send you one from Western Australia

Thanks a lot for all your promises of postcards. I am so happy. Any card will please my students, handmade cards are very welcome and Xmas cards or New year cards are most welcome. Thank you so much ! My students won’t believe it and will be amazed.

I would like to send you one

One Dutch handmade Christmas card coming up!

I will send