For everyone who don't know Chinese - translation request or Q&A

I got a nice postcard with a map from China.

I would like to know, what it is and where it is.
Thank you in advance.

It’s an ancient map of Zhang’an, now a place in Taizhou, near the southeast coast of China.
It has no English page on wikipedia but I find this site with some detailed introduction of this place:

Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.
Now I can put the card in my collection.

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Could a member who speaks Chinese help out with the translation of this postcard, please? :slight_smile: 谢谢!

I bought this notebook/postcard album in a stationary shop in Beijing but not sure what it says on the front - can anyone help? Thank you.

A trip which you say let’s go, and you go.

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Thank you much! This made me smile as the trip that I bought this on was 100% this kind of trip :slight_smile:

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i thank i can help you

Hi everyone! Today I received a beautiful postcard from Hong Kong with this inscription. I tried to look at the translation through google translator, but it seems to me that it does not translate very correctly. I would be glad if someone can help me understand this text! Thanks :heart_eyes: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

that is a very famous poem from Yuan dynasty, written by 马致远 Ma Zhiyuan
title : 天净沙 - 秋思 (Missing in autumn)

content: 枯藤老树昏鸦,小桥流水人家,古道西风瘦马。夕阳西下,断肠人在天涯。
Withered vines, old trees and crows, small bridges and flowing water, the old road, the west wind and thin horses. As the sun sets in the west, people with broken hearts are at the end of the earth.


Wow! That’s very beautiful. Thank you very much, you are my savior! :heart:

I just received this postcard Postcard CN-3217435 from Xiamen. I would love knowing what is written on it, and who this old gentleman is or what he represents.


This old man is Song Jiang (宋江),
his nickname is Hu Baoyi (呼宝义) - a man who call himself a Baoyi. Baoyi is a military leader who can lead more than 1000 soldiers.
his constellation is Tian Kuixing (天魁星), - chinese horoscope theory has 36 big dipper stars and 72 earth fury stars. Tian Kui is the first star amond of 36 big dipper stars.

Song Jiang is from the Chinese novel “水浒传 Outlaws of the marsh”, Song JIang is the leader of the resistence force. In fact the resistence group have total 108 leaders (36 big dipper stars + 72 earth fury stars).

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@RainWang Thank you so much for all this interesting information. It’s a promising start for further reading.