[FIXED] Help! I can't upload pictures!

Hoo really thanks for your help!! You are so professional!

An example of access from China Mainland:

The red ones starting from “303…” are considered as attempts to upload pictures.
The response is longer than 21s, resulted in a time-out.
That is the reason of unable to upload pictures.

Uploading domain (postcrossing-forum-upload.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com)
is time-out in the ping test.
It is not resolved to a correct IP address.

By the way the domain of downloading pictures (postcrossing-forum-upload.s3.dualstack.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com) is working fine.

That is the reason that users from China Mainland can view pictures, but cannot upload pictures.


By the way, if adding the correct IP address in the hosts file, then it is able to upload pictures.



  1. 在开始菜单里面找到记事本,用管理员权限打开(其他文本编辑工具亦可)

  2. 打开文件C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts,注意右下角要选择所有文件

  3. 在该文件的最下方另起一行,加入下列文字: postcrossing-forum-upload.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com

  1. 用Win+R组合键调出运行,输入下列命令后确认

ipconfig /flushdns

  1. 刷新论坛页面,应该就可以上传图片了

I also noticed that now uploading postcard image is “optional”.
Yes, it is always optional but we didn’t have the word “optional” before :smile:

哇哦谢谢您! 非常专业哈哈哈哈 我会去尝试一下! 感谢您的帮助!

Can someone in China, without using a VPN and without a custom hosts file, please check if both these images load or only one?

Image 1

Image 2


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The first image can be loaded, but the second one can’t.

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So am l

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How about these other images (from the main website)?

Image 1

Image 2

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They can all be loaded :smiley:

Yes they all loaded

I had been unable to upload images in the forum since a week ago. And after I uploading, it kept saying “Uploading” and then said “Sorry, there was an error uploading this file. Please try again”. But when I use the VPN to switch to another country’s IP, it works. I’m using Google Chrome, Windows 7 syetem. I can’t use it all the time because it’s not allowed to use VPN in my country.
Is this a bug…or is there some other reason for this happening? Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?
Thank you.

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Hello everyone,
I can’t upload photos normally, the progress of uploading photos is always 0%:disappointed_relieved:This has been going on for two weeks.
I’ve tried uploading photos on all of my devices and they’ve all failed💔
I wonder how I can solve this problem🤔
Thank you for your read❤️

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I have already reported this issue to the Discourse team but haven’t heard back.

It is not clear whether the use of a different hostname would really fix this, or if changing that is even possible in the context of direct upload to S3.

I’ll wait another week or so to see if there’s any update from their side on this. If not, we’ll restore the regular upload method until there’s any changes that can make this work again for everyone.



Not only can I not upload the pictures, but even the posts are chaotic… It goes blank and occasionally gets a few replies, then suddenly they are gone.

As there’s no updates/fixes from Discourse about this, we disabled the direct S3 upload which was causing this, reverting to the previous behavior. Upload should work again as it was before — please report otherwise.


Yeah it’s working properly now :smiley:
Thank you so much for fixing this!

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Hooo really thanks!!! It helped a lot!

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