First sent & received

This is the first card I ever sent on Postcrosing

it was not received first, though.

The first card I have ever received was this one

I didn’t upload picture for my first sent postcard, I started uploading pictures with my second sent postcard:

I was trying to match postcrosser’s preferences.:slightly_smiling_face:

And my first received postcard was very special, it came from Dubai and I instantly fell in love with it. I was absolutely delighted with the beautiful botanical illustration and it’s still one of my favourites (not only mine, because it’s my most popular received postcard).

I don’t have a shot of the first postcard I sent (I made a mistake to not take a photo and assumed the receiver would upload it lol)

But this is the first one I received on this service.

First sent:

First received:

At least on postcrossing proper, my actual first one received was a christmas collage card from the forum!

This is the first card I sent (it was not received first, tho):

And here’s the first one I received:

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This was the first card I sent:

Sunset in my hometown!

And this is the first card I got:

Thai card sent from Germany. :blush:

first sent:

first received: (perfumed postcard)

This is my first card sent and my first post here. The card is on its way to Germany. What a fascinating community Postcrossing is. I am looking forward to meeting new people and ideas through cards!


Hi! Welcome to Postcrossing!

I think this was technically my 2nd sent (but in that first batch of 5, which I sent out all on the same night):

First received:

My first sent card that actually has an image:

My first received:

Thank you so much!

I’m still new here. So I haven’t sent or received many yet. The first postcard I sent actually hasn’t been received yet. But the first one I sent that has been received (it counts as my first sent postcard on my wall) is this one.

My first received one is this one.

Great idea !!

My first sent postcard is this one:

and the first postcard in my mailbox was this one:

My first postcard on P.C. that I sent was to a P.C. recipient in the Netherlands and it was a postcard of a Japanese woodblock print of a samurai/warrior type of figure. I owned the card from the Honolulu museum of Art for quite some years and I decided to give it life and to send it off. The recipient was pleased with it.

Today I officially received my 1st Post Crossing postcard from a P.C. member residing in Luxembourg. I was very thrilled to see it in my mailbox! I registered it immediately. :slight_smile:


I remember that excitement! A great postcard too :slight_smile:

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My first sent was this one for USA on 14th April 2021:

My first received was this BEAUTIFUL postcard from Germany on 21st May 2021:

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