Favourite Continuous Se-tenant stamps? Show us!

I just received these in the mail from a purchase on eBay. I think they’re really neat.


St Paul’s Cathedral in London x


Hi there, I also love those kind of stamps.
And and this topic you send postcards witch such stamps :star_struck::+1:t2::orange_heart:
This is my favorite one, because I‘m a huge Picasso fan :heart_eyes:

And this one from the
Sistine Madonna

And there is a lottery that I host until tomorrow with a souvenir sheet stamp

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Between 1999 and 2000, Japan Post issued a series of stamp sheets named ‘Stamp Design of the 20th Century’’ (20世紀デザイン切手) in 17 volumes. Each sheet (volume) consists of 10 stamps, totalising in 170 stamps. Many of these stamps are continuous se-tenant. Here are them.

In vol.2 (Japan, 1999):

The Kaishiki No.1 (会式一号機) was the first successful airplane designed and built in Japan. It was flown for the first time in 1911.

In vol.3 (Japan, 1999):

Painting depicting the inauguration of Tokyo Station in 1914.

In vol. 4 (Japan, 1999):

Technically, these show 2 Japanese films, but they are designed as a continuous block of 2 stamps.

In vol. 6 (Japan, 2000):

In 1932, mass domestic production of the Datsun Model 10 began, and in 1936, that of the passenger car Toyota AA.

Japan’s steam locomotive D51 appears on the 7th volume of the stamp series ‘Stamp Design of the 20th Century’ as a pair of se-tenant stamps (Japan, 2000):

Also in vol.7, formation of the professional baseball league in 1934-36:

In vol. 8 (Japan, 2000):

Successful flight of ‘Kamikaze’ aircraft.

In vol.11 (Japan 2000):

Director Akira Kurosawa started being internationally recognised in the 50’s.

Also in vol.11 (Japan, 2000):

The construction of Tokyo Tower finished in 1958.

In vol.12 (Japan, 2000):

In 1959, at the 3rd Antarctic Research Expedition, it was discovered that 2 dogs – Taro and Jiro – that had been left at the base an year before survived the winter.

In vol. 13 (Japan, 2000):

From the 1964 puppet show ‘Hyokkuri Pumpkin Island’.

In vol. 16 (Japan, 2000):

In 1988, the airing of ‘Go! Anpanman’ began.

Also in vol. 16 (Japan, 2000):

Japan’s soccer league J-League started with 10 teams in 1993.


These arrived yesterday in my Philatelink stamp order, I’ve not seen them before x


New one in Arctic tourism series (Yakutiya)


I know these USPS 1999 Aquarium Fish stamps have been shown a few times here already but I just love them! Used them on a couple of envelopes tonight :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is an amazing sheet I received on a package:

And another Cocos (Keeling) sheet that AusPost released in March last year:


And, while we’re at it, here are even more Cocos (Keeling) Islands se-tenant stamp designs!


Gifts from @Queen_of_the_Hounds


From San Marino :san_marino:


Received today from @weini_smile
Qiantang Jiang’s big wave


Here are some of my favourites!

Warriors of Light, a wartime stamp dedicated to infrastructure workers

Ukrainian Carols in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (self-explanatory)

The Garden of Divine Songs, dedicated to poet and philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda

And the wonderful Ukrainian Yard 1, 2, and 3! Kost Lavro, who did the art for these, is a famous children’s book illustrator, his stamps are so friendly-looking.


Thank you! @YH_Postcards


Now that is great design!