Favorite stationery stores?

Please share your favorite stores for stationery here! Online or in person.

I haven’t found a great place here yet but I visited Japan last year and I visited Ginza Itoya! 12 floors! Majority of which were stationery! They had a little indoor farm and cafes and home goods as well. I…really wish I had purchased more there, honestly! But it was ending the week of my two week stay and I was trying to be a little bit more money conscious, haha!

I did grab some cute things like washi tape, postcards, and stickers though.


Please also see Where is a good place to get stationary sets for some good hints.

Thank you!

Apologies if it is unclear but I’d love to hear about peoples favorite places. Maybe a local store, somewhere they visited while traveling, or just favorite in general! Less a list of websites.

I like going to museums and the gift shops there are often quite wonderful.

Also I get postcard books or sets on Etsy or eBay and when looking for unusual single cards, can find them on Zazzle.


Oh, how fantastic! Had to have a look Inside Ginza Itoya, a 100 Year Old Stationery Store in Tokyo | DiGJAPAN!


Museum shops are some of my favorite postcard spots as well. Often there are inexpensive or discontinued sets of art notecards that I will turn into postcards.

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Yeah, it was so cool!

There were also TONS of stationery stores in Japan, many of which I simply do not remember the names to. I was so jealous of the ease of access and variety of items! Here I have to drive 2 hours to NYC and fight traffic or just order online.

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Same! I went to one in Salem, Mass a year or two ago and they had TONS! I had to resist the urge to spend hundreds on postcards when I already had a ton myself

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We have zero stationery stores in Casper Wyoming, I mean none! I can get postcards at the truck stop, gift store downtown and museum gift shop. I like to write letters so having no place local to buy it is frustrating!

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I live in Southern California so it’s a little bit more varied here in regards to “Stationary stores”. While I haven’t found a “boutique” (because that would be cool to buy handmade / mom and pop type store… the closest I get to stationary are Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Daiso, and Joann’s and look at their stationary section. My favorite out of them is Daiso as it’s better pricing and I can stock up on things. I wonder if there are stationary websites? I prefer to look at things in person because things purchased online may not be the same once we receive it in person.
Now in regards to postcards… that seems like an outdated item to get in any store. I have to order all mine online. There is only one gift shop in my city where I can get my city view(s) but no other options for cute cards. :upside_down_face:

My favorite stationery store is TWO HANDS Paperie in Boulder, CO, US. I only make it there every few years (I live in California) but I buy a ton whenever I go.

Japan’s stationery stores are the best! I remember walking into stationery stores in Kyoto and wanting to buy everything I saw. The quality — both in terms of design and materials — was just stunning.

My local stationery store here in Victoria, Canada is called The Papery. It’s got splendid cards, paper, pens (including fountain pens :fountain_pen::two_hearts: ) and other goodies. Plus they stock some really nice Japanese items! I’m always spending too much money there and at my favourite used-book shop (which has fabulously tempting vintage ephemera, antique postcards, etc.).

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