Favorite Postcard Books

Do you have a favorite postcard book? Is there a particular topic that you wish would be made into a postcard book? Are there out-of-print postcard books that you wish they brought back into print? Similar to postcard boxes, I find postcard books more economical and I can get several postcards of the same theme at the same time. It definitely gives me an excuse to scour my favorite local used bookstores!

Some of my favorites:

I like sending these San Francisco postcards to people who want local postcards but also like photography or for some reason don’t like “typical” tourist postcards.

I personally love nature and science illustrations and I think it’s a great collection. I’ve sent these to people who like flower postcards and I haven’t heard a complaint so far.

I really like Victorian era illustrations as well and I find these reprinted vintage posters fun.

As a self-proclaimed bookshop hunter, these are so funny and on the nose. I should have bought more copies of this one.

So do you buy postcard books, too? Or do you hate them with the heat of a thousand fiery suns? I’d be interested to hear about your favorites or not so favorites!


Being new to the hobby, this was one of the first ‘ways’ in which I saw postcards sold online. Now I realize there are many more options but I agree the books can be very nice and interesting. My only gripe is that the edges on one side tend to be imperfect.

I have found some sets with lovely travel/beach photographs and another one from a museum. Both have a nice variety of cards usable for different themes.

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I have one of historical pictures of the Appalachian trail in Virginia, one of vintage teddy bears, USPS Disney from 2003, bought a few randoms on amazon. I also ordered 2 of collectable American dolls that were released in the 90s by the USPS. One book I’ll keep all of them and the other I’ll use sparingly to people who will truly appreciate them.

I also love Victorian stuff.

I also have the 100 animal postcard box and many have been used in December. I will be buying more postcard books and boxes. With the increase in the postcard and penpal craze there should be more postcards released!
Thanks for starting this interesting thread.

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I just got this one in the mail today, bought from Thriftbooks. I love, love, love natural history and curiosities so some of the cards will be framed and some sent out. 30 cards for $10 is awesome too.

Cards are perforated and came out cleanly.


Now I have to check it out!

Let me know if you’d want to trade a card! It’s a long term dream of mine to walk the Appalachian Trail when our kids are older.

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I have this postcard book as well. Bought it at a museum probably 10+ years ago and forgot I even had it. It’s honestly just meh. Probably 1/3 of the cards are excellent but the rest are disappointing.

Cards are glued to the spine but came out pretty ok.

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Will message you.

I haven’t seen that one before! The Chihuly postcard book I have was published in 2007 and I got it at a yard sale for $2. I think most of the postcards in this version is pretty great (although perhaps not as good as seeing the real thing).


Love, love, love The Snooty Bookshop one. It is so incredibly funny.


I have only bought one postcard book. One showing Alphonse Mucha’s wonderful art.


I am always a little hesitant to by the books, as I don’t like the process of getting the cards out of them without bending the cards. Some are perforated (but not very well) and some you are fighting glue. What I do like about the books is that they have fewer cards than box sets which usually feature a hundred cards.

I got this art postcard book for christmas. I had some postcard boxes on my wishlist and “santa” :wink: though this book will also be a great present. :smiley:
(And I get the boxes, too)

This book is about old fruit and vegetables, I sent them to people who like art, food and cultural things.


I love Anaconda postcard books! 20 cards for €4, lots of great topics, and the quality is super.

(Please, if you are shopping from Germany, look for them or order them from your local bookstore instead of any big online dealer! Anaconda is available at or can be ordered by local bookstores at the same price, and local stores really need our support right now!)


Philosophy major here: I got the full book and then went and got the postcard version as well, because it was too striking to not to want to share it around (even though I expect it’s kind of a niche theme :laughing:)

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I really like this idea. :tipping_hand_woman: :+1:
Some of my favorites:


Bought these three yesterday:

They are 3,95 € each. So quite affordable.


This came in the mail today. 30 beautiful cards for less than $5 Cards are perforated and came out very easily.
I am falling hard for postcard books!


Yes, I looOove postcard books! I like discovering the old ones at thrift stores – used, but usually still in good enough shape. :heart:


Well, visiting this thread last night was a bad move…because after reading it I ended up accidentally visiting an online secondhand book store and purchased 4 postcard books :blush: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: