[F/AT/32] Penpals wanted ;)


My name is Vera, i am 32 years old and live in austria (not australia!!!)

I love music, writing, journalling, puzzle, watching series/movies, reading,…

I dont care where you from, how old you are. I want to write long letters and recieving also long letters. i hope to find someone, whom is openminded! :wink: i cant wait for great discussions and learning about new cultures.

Many greetings


I would love to pen pal with you! I have been to Austria before and my cousin still lives there. I will send you a PM :slight_smile:

hi, i’m queen of long letter writing :stuck_out_tongue: and love reading books :slight_smile: i’ll send you a message on here and if you want to reply feel free to do it on here or via a long letter!