F/33/Belarus looking for longterm penpals

Hello to everybody!

I’m Kate, I work in It sphere for around 4 years.
I have 2 adopted cats.
In my free time, I like painting with acryl and water-color and drawing sketches.
Also, I do love to travel, good music, indoor plants, and many others.
I do love to learn smth new, different cultures, habits, etc

Feel free to write me!)


Hello, Im interested!
Im a 40 f artist living in NY. If you would like let me know.

Привет! Меня зовут Настя, я из Петербурга, Россия.
Если интересно переписываться со мной, я бы с удовольствием. Почитала ваш Инстаграм, мне кажется, у нас много общего))
Напишите, пожалуйста, в личку, если готовы попробовать) Спасибо!

I’m Arjun from India. I am interested to be your penpal if you can write first.
Please do let me know.

hi I’m 34 and in the United Kingdom. I would happily write to you and I love writing long letters, and like yourself have cats although we have 3! let me know by writing first if interested :slight_smile:


Glad ti see your reply !)
Please, let me know you address and what do you want to know about me from the first letter))


If you’re still interested in penpals, let me know.
I can write you the first letter.
I’m a medical doctor (36M) in Lebanon.


Отправила сегодня письмо!)
Дайте знать, если не дойдёт)

I sent the first letter to you tonight
Let me know please when you receive it))

Sure!! Looking forward to reading your letter!! :slight_smile: :balloon:

Привет) Спасибо, буду ждать) Я рассчитываю завтра отправить, тоже отпишусь)

Отправила сегодня, ура)