EYES CLOSED RR 👁 - Group # 800 - Group # 999 - This topic is for reporting the sent and received cards : group # 800 - group # 999

Updated :paintbrush:

#936 written and put in the postbox

sent my cards for group # 938

:mailbox_with_mail: :smirk:

Group 912, received from @Lleytoncassidy a cute forest illustration! On my weekends I usually catch up with doing chores around the house, take a hike with my dog, and play video games :slight_smile:

Group 919, received from @RachelDing a beautiful maxicard showing a famous mosque in Taiwan - I love the green coloring!

Thank you both!

…i would Like to Join october 933 please…

…i don’t See HERE that you offer it though…but i know you do…

And sorry, but i am really unhappy Here. My Problem right now is that all is on one page. I have extrem slow Internet!!! Before i could jump to a Page and that was already slow. But now…and it Has 90 Posts “only” so far and Not too many Photos… :frowning:

Nonetheless: i d Like to Join!

Dear @mickykitty,

So nice to see you here :smiley:

You don’t need to scroll.

Please use the " line at the right of the page "
You also can see / search for the date .

" Keep scrolling - reading topics "

Here you can read / decide what is the best option for you .

I will add your name to the group .

( I have two ideas regarding the layout of the pages and the groups regarding the RR.
I will wait a few weeks to see if I will change the layout . )

I don’t have all that in The right…i wanted to Show you a Screenshot . (That seems to be easy) but don’t have enough capacity… :frowning:

But i think If i could jump it would still need to load all Other Posts before…

It’d be nice if the traveling groups and completed groups can be folded. They are really too long. :sweat_smile:

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Hello. I’d like to join the Group #933 please:)

Cards for # 939 are in the mail!

Group 931 from @UniqueBeing this lovely card above. I do clog and flat foot dance. You should pick and instrument and play it 10 M innutes every day no matter what, before you know it you can play.

930 from @sanneke is also a lovely green :bird:. Thank you both so much.

Cards in envelopes for group #943 are on their way!!

#908 Telopea sent me a water save maxicard. I really love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. There’s a cute yellow duck.
Could I join the group#940 #942? Thank you.

#919 I have received a card from @jocrafts

Thank you very much for your lovely Carla Hayden card with nice stamps and Halloween stickers !! Happy :upside_down_face:

922 @jocrafts sends a cosmuc skyrocket. So cool about you dad working at NASA and I love Space as well.

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@Lleytoncassidy , these groups are folded now :wink: .

Please check the first posts .

It takes time to change the format and check the groups :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the reports .
I have updated :paintbrush:

I would like to join group 929

It’s mailtime:

Group 928
@jocrafts - a card with funny sticker. Hope the next time is getting with more time for you.
@kyvintage - wonderful painted pink roses.


ellistrations received:

Group #919

@RimeLady - a wooded road to a beautiful white gate, thank you! I have not been to a photo exhibition but they sound fun! I am well, hope you are. I have tried thinking of other ways to determine the random card that’s chosen. I’ve debated on even letting my cat choose. :slight_smile: