Expired Postcards

Maybe it’s a kind of micro glaze? :eyes: :eyes:

Happy to report that my postcard to Russia was registered after 103 days travelling.


You should also avoid to write the ID near the address.
I’ve never had any problems when I did every now and then but some members said they had problems like missent or delayed cards because the postal services mixed it up with country or zip code.


My very first card that i wrote expired too. It’s a pity, but the receiver wasn’t online since I’ve drawn her address (over 3 months ago) and she registered her last received card in July 2020.

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Hello everyone :wave: I hope everyone ok :slight_smile: I have a question. I sent a postcard 55 days ago. I know 60 days is a expiring time. What will happen if my postcard will not be received after 5 days later?

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Welcome back @TheAlonePassenger

After 60 days your card is expired and you can draw a new address.
But the card is furthermore in your traveling list and the recipient can register it if it receive later.
After 1 year the card will be deleted from the system and it is no longer to register.

You can read here about it and I recommend you to read this to learn more about postcrossing.


Why is there a 1 year limit? I understand the 60 day expired trigger, but cannot conceive of why a card that was sent and then later actually received could not be logged as such on day 366 or any day thereafter. What is the advantage in not allowing these cards to be registered? Fully acknowledge that few cards are likely to fall into this category, so this is likely a minor issue, but it would be nice to understand the reasoning behind such a prohibition.

To me the card that eventually arrives no matter how long it took, is a very interesting part of this hobby. That card has some sort of amazing story, we may never know what that story is, but I don’t understand why you would not want us to celebrate it.


Could it be that the system would eventually clog up if all lost postcards stayed live forever? I assumed that the details were archived, as I understand that if you contact admin with the ID they can retrieve the senders details somehow - so you can send a thank you.

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I got my first ever official from Ireland yesterday. It travelled 144 days :upside_down_face:

I never had any problems but I cannot understand why someone would think it is a good idea to write the ID number near the address, every time I receive a card like that I shiver and I am so surprised it even made it.
A couple of times I thought the ID was missing until I found it hidden above or below the address. Once I had the contact form for missing ID almost fully filled in when I noticed :rofl:


At one point many of the ID’s near the address were crossed over, but it’s still readable. I still mentioned about this in my Hurray, and two at least told, it’s supposed to be there, as when you print the address, the ID is printed on top of it. I’ve then linked the f.a.q. where it says about ID " don’t write it under, above or to the right of the address". But I don’t know how much they care about that. And I don’t know how it should be, that people would understand you can cut it and glue elsewhere.


A big envelope I sent for tags in the old forum to Russia last year just arrived last night.
Everything is possible. As long as the member is not ghostcrosser :rofl:


Easy to explain. Like @S_Tuulia said, if you print out the address via Postcrossing the ID comes directly on top of the address.
I didn’t think a lot about that when I started with Postcrossing though I read the FAQ.

As I mentioned before I never had any problems but a lot of cards to China and Russia took a long time or some just never arrived. To figure out what was the problem I changed my style of writing and also separated ID and address. Well, needless to say that nothing had changed. In 2013/14 I simply didn’t know that it is normal for cards to these countries :sweat_smile:

But on the other hand I get cards with the ID on top of the address very often. Not only newbies, also long-time Postcrossers. Not only with printed but also handwritten address and ID.

But whatever: I don’t think it’s a reason to shiver :flushed:

Sure, but it is not part of the address. But then it never really occurred to me to print it, I know it’s handy for some people but I see mail as something handwritten, I don’t even own a printer. And being paranoid as I am about mail getting lost, I think the address should be as clear and undisturbed as possible and I found it strange that not everybody feels the same.

Also yes, I can see many print it with the address, but when it is handwritten below the address, and it really does look like a postal code, I do wonder if it is people that are very new to mail and weren’t around when mail was a common everyday thing…

And yes even long-term members do it, I guess they have been lucky all along. So much of my mail gets lost even with my best efforts to write the address clearly and without stuff around it…

It is for me, as I said above when I deal with mail I am always so so worried about it getting lost, always have been ever since I had penpals 20, 25 years ago.


I don’t think it’s paranoid.
I’m pen-palling for ~ 30 years now and too much mail (also inside Germany with the good old Deutsche Post :sweat_smile:) got lost (or even stolen) over all these years.
I’m half Italian and when I sent mail from Italy it was always a bit…well, a lot of mail got lost or reached its goal after a long time. Though it got better nowadays, I had a lot of “fun” with Poste Italiane in the past and you could hear my curses all over the little village :rofl:

I always print the address to countries where it could be a problem to read certain letters or digits.
My handwriting can be a problem, depending on my daily form with my arthrosis.
On the other hand I’m wondering that some mail reached me as I could hardly decipher the handwriting. I have two (German) pen-pals with such a handwriting and I think at Deutsche Post they must have graphologists :see_no_evil: Meanwhile one of these pals always asks for labels with my address :sweat_smile:


Did you read my profile or is it just a coincidence that good old Poste Italiane has traumatised us about mail? :joy:

Though currently SingPost is making me feel the same, I have 9 expired postcards and for the whole of last year I had like 10-11… And I don’t send thaaat much. I don’t know if it’s only the pandemic or it would be like this anyway.

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Ha ha, o dio mio… :rofl:

No, haven’t read your profile before :joy:

But I have another coincidence ^^
Just drew an address and found that on the profile:

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:frowning: That’s my nemesis :joy: I rest my case :joy:


Knowing sorting machines I can tell you: any combination of numbers close to postal code is a good reason to shiver, even in tropical Singapore :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: