Exchanging Postcards with ESL Students in Brazil

Not yet. I believe that by this week it must arrive.

Are you still accepting postcards? Or are you done with the school year?

I never know when schools are on a break!

I did send mine about two weeks ago from Germany. I love projects like this!

Me too :smiling_face: have send my Card almost 4 weeks ago :smiling_face:

Hello. Yes. We are still accepting. Here the school year ends only in December.

Hello. @kaedderonline @Quyngles
The secretary hand me yours yesterday.
We are going to have 2 weeks of recess in July. After it, we are going to start replying the postcards.
:slight_smile: :heart:


Sending you 2 postcards tomorrow!

One from where I used to live and one from where I spent one of my birthdays!
Only one has answers to your questions. I wrote about my birthday ride on a giant elephant on the other! Hope that’s okay.

I tried to send you my return address via direct message but it seems to have disappeared! Let me know if you got it.

All the best!

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I really love this idea! I will send you and your students a card :blush: