Exchange Postcards with Preschoolers CLOSED

Hi! Im definitely interested. I think what you’re doing is fantastic for the kids. Id love to write to and exchange cards with the kids

Thank you so very much for willing to write to one of my students. I know they are excited to get this project started. :slight_smile:

If you could please share your address we will make sure they write back

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Thank you for willing to help my preschoolers with this fun project.

If you can share your address with me that would be helpful so I make sure they write back to you.

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Sure, I’ll dm you my address

Dear Heather
My daughter would love to participate and send a postcard to one of your kids. If you still need someone I think my students (6th grade) also would like to write to the kids.

That’s so nice :star_struck: I’d love to send a postcard to one of your preschoolers :relaxed:I’ll send you a dm with my adress :slight_smile:

I’m very interested!! I’m an education major myself hoping to teach third grade! Please PM me if you’re still accepting people!!

Hi! I would love to be a penpal to one of your pre-school learners.

Thank you for this wonderful initiative!

Hi! If you still need a penpal for one of your students, I’ll be happy to write them.

If you still need more there is a small person in my house who would love to send a card to someone in your class :relaxed:

I’d love to send some of your students postcards. My sons are 5 &3 years old and I would like to write cards to the students with them.

I’d love to participate too!

Hi Heather,

I’d like to join the project as well.
Thank you!

good evening i would love to exchange postcards with one (or all generically) of your students :slight_smile:

I’m interested

I interested and willing to exchange with yours students

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I would be very happy to send cards from Sweden to one of the students.

I received these postcards the other day for Ben, Eleanor and Everett. They didn’t have a name of who they were from. I think I have an idea, but I want to make sure before I pass them out. I know they want to write back.

Thanks so much

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If there are still children in needof a postcard, I can send them from the Netherlands

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I would like to exchange postcards with one of your pupils, if you want.
My address is: