Event : International St Patrick's Day Meetup

Sorry I couldn’t get my signature to you! My Wifi has been garbage :woman_shrugging: :woman_facepalming: It’s a super cute idea and I can’t wait to see the finished product. clover :four_leaf_clover:

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No worries. This is my first time making an international meet-up card…so I’m learning as I go. Next time, I’ll give much more time for folks to get their signatures to me.
Sorry about that Jo. Looking forward to seeing you at the meet-up.
Take care,


@fisherman, I’d love to join in, now that I’ve figured out that 15.00 UTC is 10 am my time (in Montréal, QC)

Also, I’d like to get some cards, if possible? I know I’ve missed the deadline for the signatures, but I’d still like to get some, is that possible @lenny-fox ?

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I looked at some time conversion sites and they tell me it is 11.00 am Montreal time ?

Let’s not forget that we have a time change next Sunday, going back to Daylight Saving Time - Spring forward

DST for us here is on Sunday, March 28, 2021

Will try to join

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Yeah, you can order some meet-up cards.

they are 20 cents each, plus postage.

Were you interested in signed cards, blank or both? lol

They will be arriving from the Printers tomorrow!!


I’d like to order 10 cards, with signatures, please.

Let me know how much that will be and I’ll pay via PayPal if that’s possible?


Josée / Stinkypaw

I would like to join this meeting :slight_smile:
so please count me in :slight_smile:

@lenny-fox: I would also like to get some meeting cards please, is it possible? Well I am too late to give you my signature for the card, but I would like to get cards with signatures please, may I get 20 cards please? Many thanks, and may I pay for them via Paypal?

Kind regards from Germany, Antje

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I want to order 30 cards please.

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WOW! that was quick. All sold out of signed postcards.
I have 50 blank cards left.

Thanks everyone :^)


It could be fun…

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I’m new here, so I don’t know half of what you’re talking about! However, I’m interested in joining, if that’s still possible? What would i have to do?

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Hi Pamela,

You’re very Welcome :^) Yeah, you can totally join. Do you have Zoom on your phone or computer? That’s what we’ll be using to host our meeting on Paddy’s Day. Early next week we will send the codes to enter the meeting on Zoom and then we’ll just have a bit of craic…introduce ourselves, say how we become a postcrossers etc. If you have any Paddy’s Day gear…don’t be shy to dress up too!



I like tojoin toobut I need to work than :frowning:

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Hi, i would love to join :slight_smile:

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Yeah fair enough, I think it’s only a public holiday in Ireland. We understand if not everyone can make this one, but we hope to host more meetings in future and will schedule them on a weekend so it’s more folks can join in :^)


Hi, this meet-up was referred a while ago by Eric and Brian ~

I am still working during this time. Will it be okay, if I just join and listen? Ill definitely be able to join in the introductions part ^^

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No problem