Essential Skills Class at Eastern Hancock High School

Eastern Hancock students asking for letters from across the country

The essential skills class at Eastern Hancock High School is taking part in a project called ‘The Great Mail Race’ and they hope to collect letters from every state in the country.

The Great Mail Race is intended to be between schools. It allows students to share about their state and learn about 49 others.

If you’re planning to travel, live in a different state or have family who would like to help you can have them send a letter or postcard with a little information about the state they’re in to the **Essential Skills Class at Eastern Hancock at:

Essential Skills
10320 E. 250 N
Charlottesville, IN 46117
United States of America

I saw another news article online and thought some of you would want to mail this class a postcard also.


Sending one from Tennessee =)

Sending on from Texas.

As a 2004 graduate of E.H., I’d love to send one! However, it looks like you already may have received one from Tennessee. If not, I’ll happily send one.

Sending one from Louisiana!

Sent one from Minnesota