Envelope swapping

Thanks for swapping @kotona!! I hope see you soon in other swap! :purple_heart:

And answered the others messages, thank you :slight_smile:

@bella112 I can swap, I have city view cards. Send DM if interested

Sending message

Thank you!!

All messages answered :slight_smile:

I’m so happy with all the swaps arranged!! I hope envelopes arrive soon!

Other swap completed!!

I’m still interested in swap more cards :green_heart:

I have received the cards from:

@Tremotina: thanks a lot for your cards, and the extra one! I really appreciate fantasy and castles… and if both topics come together… I LOVE IT! I also love auroras! I wish I could visit that countries once in my life :green_heart:
@baidalena: lovely cards!! Russia also has breathtaking views!! :orange_heart:
@Sir_Icon: thanks a lot for the nice cards and cute stamps! :black_heart:
@alarica76: thanks for your cards and your words!! I’ve enjoyed a lot reading your explanations :yellow_heart:

Thanks everybody! They made my day!! :heart:

I hope my envelopes arrive soon! :smiley:


Hi BabyShukra … I would love to swap and I’ve sent you a PM!

Today, I have received the cards from:

@tedra: after a LONG trip where the envelope get damaged (and a card too!), it arrives to my home :smiley: Thanks so much, I love the cards and the way you decorated them, amazing!! :slight_smile: And thanks for the “extras”!! :orange_heart: When you get my first envelope, we can send the second one :wink:

@Linda6: thanks a lot!! Mickey’s envelope is so cute! And ou have really good handwritting! It has been so nice to ready your cards :slight_smile: I also love reading, and Agatha Christie is one of my favourites writer!! My “unusual” hobby is to collect postcards (when my friends go on holidays and I ask them for cards, the look at my thinking “A postcard? What’s that?!” hahaha. And I also collect keychains, fridge magnets and BIG pencils from everywhere!! I’ve got big collections! Thank you!! :green_heart:

@Xute: the smaller (but so cute!) envelope arrives too, thank you!! As you say in your card, it’s the smaller card of the 3 first, so I will tell you when I get the others! I wish to travell to middle east! But not (due to the actual situation) it’s a further dream… :yellow_heart: Thanks a lot!!

So thanks everybody! I love to open my mailbox and find lots of new cards!! :smiley:

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Oh, I’m glad I got to you. Badly damaged? Yours is still on the way, but the exchanges made at that time have already started to arrive

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Our mail certainly works wonders. Then postcards without stamps arrive. The other day, only an address with a sticker came from my waitress. It was pasted, as the turnover is glossy and not signed. I have several opened and 1 cut envelope arrived

Don’t worry!! Some of my envelopes arrive damaged to :frowning:
This week I went to the post office, and they told me that nowaadys, the mail is SO slowly, but they know everything arrive…
I hope my envelopes start to arrive soon!!
Thanks :smiley:

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Today, I received the nice cards fom @aragonwon, thanks a lot!! I love all the cards! And your spanish explanations! :smiley:
I hope my envelope arrives soon… I’m so nervous! hahaha

hello. thank you so much for getting your envelope. everything is just fine. And cards with GP above vchyakikh praises I such and not seen

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Some swaps finished!

Thanks everyone for swapping :slight_smile:

I’m still opened to new swaps!! :purple_heart:

I’d love to swap!

Message sent! :slight_smile:

Today I’ve received the “Mermaid’s envelope” from @Xute, thanks a lot!! The cards are lovely, but what you wrote back is more interesting!!
So I’ve got 2 of your 3 first envelopes :smiley: I will try to prepare the second swap this weekend and send out next Monday, but I will send you a message when I’ll do it!

Thank you!! :green_heart:

I also received both envelopes from @bella112 and @TeresaLi, thank you both!! And thanx for adding some australian stamps, I like them!! I hope my envelopes arrive soon!!

Thank you both! :purple_heart:

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New cards added!!

Winter in art

Hello, I have some animal, HP, Pixar and Disney cards, can I join?

Sure!! Do you have photos of your cards? Send me a private message please!

Thank you! :slight_smile: