Empty Envelope Tag

A tag for all who like nice covers with beautiful stamps and postmarks, hand cancellations or postal labels.
You send an envelope to the person you tag. Please include a piece of cardboard to protect the cover from bending.

Does it mean to put a blank cardboard in an envelope, and then put many stamps on the envelope and send it out?

Hello @foreverneil
This tag is about the envelope itself, the stamps and the postmarks. It doesn’t matter what is inside the envelope, you can also leave it completely empty. A piece of cardboard could help to prevent damages by bending.

@Speicher3, just to be sure, the difference to the Mail Art Envelope Tag is the focus on the stamps, hand cancellations or postal labels in this tag, right?
Compare to: Mail Art Envelope Tag

That’s right @towonder . The Empty Envelope Tag is on normal postal focus while the Mail Art Envelope Tag is about the arty aspect. :+1:

Hello, I would like to take part! I am fond of postmarks!
I send from Italy :it:

You’re welcome @stoeri_postcards. All you have to do is to tag the last participant (which is me in this case) by writing a reply saying “tag @speicher3”. After this you’re the next to be tagged by somebody.

Ok :ok_hand:
Tag @Speicher3

TAG @stoeri_postcards

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