✅ Emoji picker not displaying category name correctly

Hey! As you can see in this image, the emoji picker is displaying [en.emoji_picker.old forum] and [en.emoji_picker.postcrossing] for the custom emojis.

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Hello @emilyok2004
Can you please explain what you would like to tell us with your post.

Or did you answer to another member who has now deleted their post?

There seems some missing translations for custom emoji groups. I’ll look if we can get at least the English ones translated.


Hey, sorry. I’m assuming the text for the emoji picker shown in the image isn’t actually supposed to say [en.emoji_picker.old forum] and [en.emoji_picker.postcrossing]? Looks to me like the text is actually supposed to say “Old Forum” and “Postcrossing”, or something like that?

This should be good now, at least for the English interface and possibly others too.

Thanks for reporting this @emilyok2004!

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