Eager Canadian kids seeking postcards from around the world!

Hello everyone! My name is Claudia Klippenstein and I am a grade 4 teacher at a rural elementary school in central Alberta. I joined Postcrossing a few months ago and have really enjoyed sending and receiving postcards and being a part of this cool community!

We have just started the school year here and I see there are several teachers who have benefitted from the generosity of the Postcrossing community. I would also love to start a project where my class receives postcards and learns about the places they come from. We would love to hear from your corner of the world! My students are in Grade 4 (age 9-10) and are curious, kind, smart kids. Please tell us about your life and the community you live in!

I would be so grateful for your contribution to my students’ learning. Your postcard will be hung up on our wall for all to admire. If you’d like us to write back to you, please send me your address. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Klippenstein
Ardrossan Elementary
53131 Range Road 222
Ardrossan, AB T8E 2M8

Update: Everyone here is so generous! We can’t wait to receive your cards!


I’m fully happy to write to you, and I’m also fully DBS checked for working with children if you would like to arrange a back-and-forth.

I’m thinking of perhaps taking my Baby Yoda teddy to different landmarks in my city and perhaps at some points my country and then writing about them. Would this be a good idea?

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That’s a really cute idea! We would love to receive something from you!

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A postcard is on the way from Australia

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I’ll send you one from California USA

I will send a postcard from China!

Expect one from India :grinning:

I’m sending one from NYC!

:love_letter: coming to you from Ontario :canada:

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sure I’ll write. I will let you know if my students send postcards this year and we will send more

Sending 2 from Taiwan :postbox: :sparkling_heart:

Sending a card from :de: :wink:

Will send from New Zealand!

I think projects like this are great. I am also happy to write a postcard.
Greetings from Saxony

hello, I am sending you a postcard from France

I’ll send you a Card from Stuttgart, Germany :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @claudiaklipp, I teach a grade 4 class in English (only second year of learning English), there are 19 kids in the class, same age as yours. I don’t know if that could work - but what do you think about some kind of exchange between the classes? We live in Germany, northern part, in a rural area.

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I’ll send one from Michigan, USA!

Sending a postcard from Paris :fr: :wave:

You can expect one from Greece!