Drawing an address of a user who has not registered any cards for a long time

Hi guys!

I’ve been postcrossing for just a short period of time and for that, of course very excited to be sending and receiving cards. I was just checking my travelling postcards and noticed four that have been travelling 30+ days. One is to Russia, sent just a week before Finnish Posti stopped shipping to there and one is to someone, who I’ve contacted about forgotten ID. The two other however seem to be people, who don’t register their cards. Other had only sent like 10ish cards, so maybe their interest has just stopped after starting. But this other person, their last registered cards were from the beginning of 2020! How is this possible, that this person’s address was given to me? I know that your account gets shut down or something if you don’t log in in certain amout of time or something, but I feel ripped off. Not that the 2€ price of the stamp or the card itself were big losses to me, but the feeling that I sent it for nothing and it’s one card away from someone who would’ve really liked it, really pisses me off. Either this person has just thrown their mail away or has moved, or just to be nasty doesn’t register their cards, shouldn’t these accounts be disqualified from getting new cards? Sorry about this rant, but this feels so bad to me.

They must have come back to this hobby again, maybe sent a card that got registered? (This I think you could check from their sent cards - is something they sent registered lately.)
Or they came back active and are due a card.

Or didn’t get it yet.

The mail now travels unevenly, sometimes very slow.
Some cards to Germany has also taken over 30 days.

And maybe to feel better, some cards to you will “disappear” too. Many thoughts you thing of the one who doesn’t register your card, can be thoughts someone thinks about you.


I wouldn’t worry. Many people have a break from Postcrossing, then they come back. And if they’re owed cards when they come back, their address will be given out. You’re not being ripped off. This happens fairly often, and in the vast majority of cases, your postcard will be registered.


When I came back this year, I’d been away for almost 6 years. My last registered card before 2022 was in July 2016. It’s okay! People take breaks :slight_smile: