Does your country has arrival postmarker?

The circle at the bottom is the landing marker.China Post makes it.

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Hey, @aegisW, I think you mean “postmark”, not “postmarker”! Yeah, English is weird like that, sometimes :wink:

I wanted to show you an arrival postmark from Kyrgyzstan. Many things here get done in the same way they get done in Russia, although there are some minor differences. For instance, postmarks, instead of being black, are actually blue! But even their design is similar to that of the Russian postal system.

The German stamp didn’t get postmarked (and such things are happening too often…). However there’s always a neat Kyrgyz postmark, showing the day (and the time) the card was delivered to the local post office. I live in the outskirts and, at the moment, the post office of our district is located at the police station (which is a super small wooden hut). The actual post office, which is next door, burnt down two months ago! The remnants of the building are still standing there.