Do you send extra “surprises” with your postcards?

I always add extra surprises when I am sending in an envelope. :blush:
Some profiles write that they prefer envelope, or like small surprises to be sent, if you’re willing to do so.
I usually add stickers, nice/ cute envelopes, small cards, tea, etc. Mostly things that can be used/ collected. Especially if I happen to have something within the theme of that person’s interest (like cats and I have cats stickers, small message card).
Sometimes I also add extra postcard. As long as the total weight is within the limit set by Japan Post.

It started when I feel like it’s a bit sad just to send a postcard in an envelope. Why not add a few this and that? :smiley:

However, I know some postcrossers have no use of stickers and extra surprises. Not the crafty one, or not into decorating the cards. I won’t put any surprises there, other than extra postcard, when I feel like it.

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Every now and again I’ve attached coins and trading cards!

I don’t send any extra surprises other than maybe some washi tape or stickers that fit on the postcard as decoration when I think the sender might like them. I don’t send postcards in envelopes and I prefer to receive postcards without envelopes. For me, sending them as they are is the whole point of postcards and Postcrossing. If I want envelopes, I search for penpals to write letters.


I only send official PC postcards written and stamped and that’s the way I like to receive my postcard too, although I don’t mention anything about it on my profile. Actually that means every now and then an envelope can be okay but when it would happen too often, I will certainly change my profile saying that I prefer the card written and stamped. For me this is the way a postcard should travel. For penpals it’s all about letters and sometimes extras in an envelope.


I like sending extras and gifts in envelopes or sandwiched between 2 cards held together with washi tape.
Sometimes I make a handmade card with a secret compartment or i just make a small box;
1×10.5×15cm and glue a card to the front and fill this with stuff and i mean all kinds of stuff.
And yes, they all arrived with normal postage.
I’ve send extra cards, candy, choclate,cookies, stickers, (fountain)pens, stationary, inksamples, sunglasses,origami, beercoasters, small puzzles, pins, tea, bookmarks, necklaces, pearls, buttons, and many more… :yum:

I encourage experimenting on what you can send in an envelope, stuck to a card or even in a small box, you will be amazed about what gets through :grin:


Hi,if somebody wants a card in envelope or asked used stamps ,I sent extra´s stickers or bookmark,teabag .stamps or seeds if asked and if I have it.

So do I with stamps.
Sometimes I also do send an extra card, e.g. when the decision which of 2 cards I should send is difficult, or sometimes when a user mentiones the interests of a child I send 1 card for the mother and 1 for the child.

Other things, like magnets or tea bags, I do not send. In Germany it’s not allowed to send anything else but documents in a letter. Otherweise it’s a “small parcel” or a “goods consigment” which is much more expensive. If you put e.g. a tea bag in an envelope with “normal” postage, you risk it doesn’t arrive the repicient, or - even worse - he/she has to pay the difference of postage. It once happened to me that I had to pay (and I don’t even drink tea).

Sometimes it’s like in the German saying: “Well meant is the little sister of done badly”. (Do not know how to translate this better into English).

Envelopes I use only if I send stamps or an extra card, of if the repicient asks for one.


I add pictorial cancellation of my city as default in any envelope I’m sending without a doubt.
And i try adding stickers and stamps if person likes them))
Also stams brochures

I’ve sent small boxes to Germany with a puzzle and buttons as a test,with normal postage and it arrived well.
No extra charges
As much as they would like to set rules for sending, they are more than often not done correctly. If all mail not correctly adressed, stamped and with a return adres would be denied none of our cards would arrive.

Do magnets arrive without problems? I have a postcard with a magnet with the same design, but I hesitate to send it.

As for me, I always appreciate small gifts in an envelope and keep them in a special box. Sometimes I send an extra postcard if the recipient doesn’t mind envelopes.

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One postcard and one magnet fit perfectly in the envelope and travel to any destination without any problems

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Sometimes, IF (and only if) the recipient requests to receive postcards in an envelope, and I have something related to the card I’m sending. For example if I send this postcard in an envelope:

I’ll include the corresponding national park visitor guide map:


If they ask for an envelope and extra stuff I will add something like a glassine with a few low value stamps or recipe cards I get at the grocery store etc

easy in Germany - only documents allowed for international envelopes. everything else needs to be a small parcel and is quite expensive.
(was different a few years back, did sent some tea bags back then if profile asked for because it was possible and cost the same back then. Although I did not really understand the benefit, tea bag probably doesn’t smell much when it arrives and I really would be hesitant to use a tea bag a stranger sent me)

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I just checked the website of deutsche post. You can send up to 20gr in an envelope international for 1.10euro. It doesn’t matter what you put in the envelope.
Once again, i encourage everyone to stretch the rules.
We could test it out if you like, just send a pm

Really depends if their profile asks for it, in which case I can send stickers, cancelled stamps, bookmarks, etc.

If a profile asks for a postcard in an envelope, I can do that too.

I usually send in envelope only if the receiver says they prefer their card that way, or they say they don’t mind envelopes and love to receive something extra.

If I send in envelope, since the price is the same until I stay under 20 grams, I almost always add something more. It can be a bonus card, a tea bag, a bounch of old stamps, a bus ticket…


Most of the extras end up in my bin and I’m dissapointed that there’s no stamp and no cancellation on the postcard.


I also prefer my postcards written and stamped and this is also how I send them (as was pointed out before mailing in envelope is more expensive than mailing just a postcard).

Sometimes I do receive cards in envelopes with other goodies. The sender means well so I thank them but frankly I am rathre disappointed. All I ask for is to receive a postcard. I often get tea bags and I do not feed comfortable drinking tea form a stranger (penpals excluded in this) but I am also a very picky tea drinker so this often ends up in the bin. Once a postcrosser sent me an official card in an envelope and added extra postcards (they were all from my wishlist/favourites). She wrote that she cannot understand I ask for a written and stamped card and should show consideration towards her because she only sends in envelope to prevent demage and she likes it that way. Well, I do not and the cards all ended up somewhere else but my album because there I only put written and stamped postcards.

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The only time I have received an official card in an envelope did not have the effect that I’m sure the sender intended. I was rather confused, and on opening the envelope the used stamps she had included all fell on the floor like a bunch of confetti for me to clean up. I do not have any use for used stamps myself, but in that case I sent them later to another member who arranged charitable donations.