Do you have country coordinates that you want to collect but haven't yet?

I’ve been in love with Santorini since I was a teenager. So much so that I have many usernames is Santorini. recently I started following postcrossing and I tried to send private messages to Greek PCers indicating that I wanted to exchange postcards. But I didn’t receive a reply.
Do you have any country coordinates that you would like to collect but have not? What are your reasons for wanting to collect them?

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Denmark! It is a common European country, nothing exotic, no micronation… But there are very few Danish postcrossers. I have even technically been in Denmark (a few hours at Copenhagen airport changing flights)! But I am still waiting for my first postcard :smile:


Oh yeah I haven’t seen the PCer from Denmark either, but I don’t think Denmark is a very small country.

It isn’t! :smiley: There is no reason why it should be such a rare country on Postcrossing.

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Postage cost in Denmark is very expensive compared to other European countries. Most probably that is the reason that we don’t see many postcrossers from there.

Thank you for your answer!

That’s true, but postage is expensive in other countries too. It doesn’t explain the level of rarity. It seem Danes are simply not interested in postcards :smile:

That’s also a possibility. But it’s hard for me to believe that everyone in Denmark is not interested in postcards.

Sorry, this is a bit off-topic now, but it is really interesting how different the popularity is in different countries. There have been some attempts to attract people from less active countries but without much success, unfortunately.

Costs definitely play a role but it isn’t everything. We could compare Denmark with Slovakia for example. They are both European countries with similar population but there are 5 times more postcrossers in Slovakia. Even though stamps in Slovakia are even more expensive than in Denmark. I count this as how many international stamps you can buy from an average one month salary.
By the way, if you count popularity of postcrossing as number of postcrossers per million population, then it isn’t very popular in China. :smile: I made a little table. And I added Germany as the most prolific country for a reference :smile:


There are three types of postage rates for sending from China to other countries, usually 3.5 RMB, 4.5 RMB and 5 RMB for water, water land and air. Because of the epidemic, postcards sent from China can be slow, so I usually use air, which is 5 RMB.

But there are really more Chinese users, and I often worry that people from other countries won’t want to exchange with me because they’ve already received many postcards from China. But that’s understandable.

Thank you, I updated the table so it is complete :blush: I don’t think people are tired of Chinese postcards. China has very beautiful postcards! I personally love them. There are also styles that are different to what we have here so they are even more interesting :blush:


Yes, but postage in Denmark is really really expensive… around the equivalent of €5 per card. For comparison, in the UK, postage has increased a lot recently the equivalent of €2.2 per card. It’s getting to the stage that I’m not sure how much longer I can afford it either and I think a lot of British postcrossers will be in same situation…

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Everything in Denmark is really expensive :smile: While their postage is on the expensive side, it doesn’t stick out in that sense. Postage is expensive in many countries. Please see my other comment where I compare postage in a few countries. Absolute numbers make no sense without the context of local salary.


For the most active Danish user the costs must have played the main role, look at the profile of Denmark’s top sender…

For me, I would say Åland Islands, Iceland and Guernsey. Åland Islands because it’s quite rare and a really nice place (visited several times), Iceland because I fell in love with that country when I visited in 2004. There are so many nice places and they have wonderful cards! And last but not least, Guernsey because I’m learning about that island :slight_smile:


I would love to get a card from Guina Ecuatorial and Seychelles.

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Your country is rare too!

I’d love to receive a card from South Africa, Thailand, Greece and Egypt.

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