Discussion about postcrossing meetup cards

I just saw some very beautiful meetup cards. they’re really beautiful. I just wonder where and how to get them? Is there a website to sell them?

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Usually you get meetup cards at meetups. You can check the Meetup Forum to see if there’s one happening near you or if you can attend a virtual one and arrange for meetup cards to be sent to you. The trading and swap forum also has people offering meetup cards.

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These cards are made by the people who attend the meetups.
You can ask someone to swap them with you.
For example, sometimes people ask in the forum thread when the meeting is organised: https://community.postcrossing.com/c/meetups/10 - you can look for someone who is attending and you can offer a card in return. You can also attend a meetup if near you, of course! Please note that right now, in many countries there are no meetups happening because of the pandemic. But there are some online meetups!

Also, you can post a topic asking for swaps with those cards.

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You can also see what people are offering in the postcrossing meet up RR, or if you get to attend a meet up and have cards left, there’s a tag.

We just had a meetup in Melbourne, if you’d like a card, message me your address!

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Topics discussing meetup cards as well as swap offers and requests can also be found in the DIRECTORY Handmade Cards & Mail Art. I added this topic, too :slight_smile:

Meet-up Cards for Swap
New year meet up card
Offer: Meetup Card from last World Postcard Day
**OFFER: PT 2020 official meeting cards**

There are groups for swapping meetup cards in several Round Robins, too. And sometimes, people are just asking to swap a meeting card for another meeting card. So I guess the easiest way would be to attend some meetups of your own. Here’s a topic discussing how to make these cards: Designing Postcrossing Meeting Cards
And How to make a postcard with “postcrossing” logo?


As I am not sure even where to look…Are there postcards with POSTCROSSING ON THEM…
or can we add them to our PC’s with the logo…

I noted a Russian member had a hogarts image with POSTCROSSING on it…

please direct me, correct me or share your bounty of knowledge


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Guidelines for logo usage are here: Logo Usage Guidelines

Most postcards I have seen that use the logo are meetup cards.


@sannah82 thanks my sweet lady…and where does one obtain those?

Meetup cards? At most meetups!

How far are you willing to drive? One will be in Ingersoll, ON mid July, another one in Niagara Falls, ON on October 1. How do I know? I checked here: Canada - Postcrossing Community

@sannah82 thank you so it sounds like they are only available @ meet ups. Correct?. Niagara will be closer. Appreciate your note. Cheerio.,

Some organizers would mail them out to non-attendees if they have spares, but usually it goes with the meetup.

@sannah82 something else I was not even aware of…how cool is this…


@mdmsamm - You live and you learn! Those cards weren’t a thing on my first meetups!

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Hi I hope you guys don’t mind me me asking a question in this conversation. When you make meet up cards do you design them yourself or do you get them professionally designed in made

If you get them professionally made can you you recommend someone or a business to go to who professionally make some

At some point in the future I hope to attend and my first meet up and if not I will organise one and even if it’s just a couple of people that attend that’s better than nothing

Thanks in advance

Craig AKA jaggy thistle

i’ve never tried getting a company to design the postcard itself as i imagine that costs might start to build it with that type of service.

i think most people design them themselves? postcrossers are a creative bunch! and with websites like canva and software like photoshop, is really easy to throw something together in and to have a nice design. i think with canva you can get them printed straight from the website too, although i’ve never tried this service before.

if you’re not sure about designing one yourself, sometimes people ask will ask/purchase permission to use photos or artwork and place all the meetup information on that image and get them professionally printed either online or locally.

I made my own and brought them to be signed.

@mdmsamm I have some meet up cards I can swap with you, if you’d like. You can also add to your profile that you’d like to receive meet up cards. :slight_smile: Same offer, @JaggyThistle !

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@mere5oh that would be delightful, love to see your designs…and I am also a graphic artist, I design the majority of my cards too.



I think this could fit here, as it’s discussion about meetup cards?

Sometimes I see familiar names in these cards, but I checked one I received.
The names were stamped, but as I looked, no one was a post crosser.
It feels strange that I am sent a card, signed by random people.
I this common? Somehow this leaves me feeling weird, if they are not postcrossers, then I only got an earlier written card (so, used, that is not allowed in Postcrossing). I have already registered it, so it’s not something I think, but does others ever check who the “members” are, and what do you think, should the signers be members only?

That’s interesting. I shall check the next one I receive.

Well, would you believe it, I received one today. I could only find a profile of the sender plus one other. But, there was one whose profile I couldn’t find but his stamp says he’s a Postcrossing ambassador. For others, there were lots of first and second names. Their postcrossing names must be completely different. Which seems odd to me, but that’s what they’ve chosen to do.

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