Decorating the back of your →NON-HANDMADE POSTCARDS←

@Xute Thanks! :upside_down_face: Is there a “Wikipedia-article” or any encyclopedia-article about the painter? If so, could you hint me to it? [I didn’t manage to find one myself… :neutral_face: ]

Here are some links about him (you can use any online translator):

  1. ЕФИМОЧКИН Геннадий Федорович
  2. Ефимочкин, Геннадий Фёдорович — Википедия
  3. Геннадий Федорович Ефимочкин (more paintings here)
  4. Another painting of him: Художественный музей
  5. Different version of paintng on the stamp: Художественный музей
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@Xute THANKS! for gathering the various links for me - I’ll check them out… :smiley: :+1:

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Finally finished Star Wars drawings for preteen daughter of my penpal (whole family are SW fans, cards are from amazing Vader’s little princess by Jeffrey Brown)

Originals of the drawings are: K2SO by Brian Kesinger on X; Ahsoka by orfio on deviantart; Baby Yoda by MoonchildinTheSky on deviantart


Omg :face_holding_back_tears::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, thesr are gorgeous dear!! I want this Ahsoka Tano :sob: card:)
You did amazing work))):heart_hands::love_letter:


The person said she was trying to be more creative, so I decided to send some of mine in case she found it helpful. Not as spectacular as other people’s, but I really like how the henna motifs turned out :heart:


Request: feminism. I understood the assignment :grin:.


Sadly, this one is lost :disappointed: