Countdown to 62 million cards registered

My last guess :slight_smile:

7th June
14:41 UTC

US to AT

32,841 postcard to go! :smiley:

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How about 13:45 on 7th June 2021, UTC and, let’s say, UK -> CN

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This is P.R.China.I am a beginner.
I want give someone a tag.
12:05 UTC

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Your prediction of the moment of crossing the 62 million level is at the time of your comment writing. This is not a completely correct attempt. Please try again.

08 June 2021 at 1:25 (UTC, of course).
At least my Magic Crystal Ball shows this time at the moment. In fact, it will probably be closer to midnight. I think Monday will speed up the Moment of Truth.

22,460 postcards left to go.

I do not know the exact time when we will cross the 62 million level. But if we assume that my last prediction is so (although, of course, this is too loose an assumption), then the most accurate (the highest Diviner Talent Rate) are at the moment:
@catinboots (26,97)
@Stevyy (21,90)
@ScubaET (21,85)
@salgueira (21,06)
@greenskull (17,01)
@Florallle (16,55)

This is a preliminary estimate, taking into account the assumption that the Moment of Truth will come on June 08 at 1:25 (UTC).
But of course, everything can change if the Moment of Truth turns out to be different.


How many cards will this day possibly bring, before we are getting real close? :musical_score: :musical_note: :musical_note:

It’s delayed registrations of Sunday versus general slowdown (for whatever reason/s). My toe hurts, so I’ll stay ‘pessimistic’

21,995 to go

08:06 UTC

a card from FI to NO

This day on June 06, starting from 00:00 and until 24:00, will bring 11,100 postcards to the Postcrossing piggy box.
I can estimate it to within fifty postcards.

And I believe that at the end of this day at midnight, the distance traveled will be 61,986,400. That is, from midnight we’ll still have 13,600 postcards left to go. And this is a little more than we go through in a day.

Your math is interesting … no Sunday in my file has had more than 10k registrations since March. On the other side my Tue- to Fridays usually have more than 13,600. Tomorrow Monday, on the other side, it truely will be a challenge to bring all the necessary registrations for the next milemilestone …

21,011 to go

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I’m going to treat myself to a second guess:

8th June 6.08am.

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13,350 postcards left to go.
And at the moment we are lagging behind my forecast at 1,830 postcards.
Will we make up for this difference to make my prediction come true?

9202 cards to go

Today somewhere near midnight maybe?
But actually tomorrow seems more possible.


My corrections
03.00 UTC

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my guess Mon June 7th, 2021 2205UTC

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It will all depend on how fast Europeans are finished with their today’s registrations.

5,866 to go

08:06 UTC

a carf from FI to NO

Chances that it’s one of mine: almost zero, as I have no card traveling atm. No as 0,000 (of course, there’s the possibility of a late arrival. Six of my eight expired go to users still active …)

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I can say that the Moment of Truth will come in the interval 07 June 23:20 … 08 June 01:30. But I will not correct my last forecast, since on May 26 I already made a prediction about midnight between June 07 and 08.

3,494 to go …

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2070 to go

08.06 02.34

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07 June 2021 at 23:20 (UTC)