Countdown to 61 million postcards registered

666,275 to go

583 900 postcards left to go.

502,000 postcards left to go.

At least this :point_up: prediction will come true for sure.

Hi, @manuchka ,
Have you received my Magic Mandala postcard from the previous countdown? :slight_smile:

Half-way there. Interesting dynamic, kind of strong(er) numbers in registrations. The question remains: will this trend continue?

498,872 to go

04.04.2021 (Central European way to write dates, though it does not matter that very day)
04:04 UTC

a card from
FI to AT

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yes, thank you; I sent you a PM.

My guess is March 28 at 14:24 UTC

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I am slightly adjusting my prediction regarding the passage of the 61 millionth level.

My Magic Crystal Ball says the Moment of Truth will come on 07 April in the morning at 07:00 (UTC of course).

And YES, I will send a very special postcard with Greenskull’s Magic Mandala fulfilling a most cherished wish to the one whose Diviner Talent Rate will be the highest (excluding me) in this countdown.

I highly recommend taking part in this guessing game as @greenskulls Magic Mandala is magic, indeed, and can lift your mood from deep down to very high in just a second. I have not yet spent it on a wish, though, I am keeping that one for when the time (and wish) is right.

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458 936 cards to go

My guess is 13. April, but I might adjust that later.

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420 709 cards to go

And by the way, it’s Countdown Day today :smiley:


345 000 postcards left to go!
I keep my last prediction in force:
07 April in the morning at 07:00 (UTC).

280 796 cards to go :smiley:

Still very vivid, registrations keep their pace. Which leads to several questions, like: will it go on like this? And: what does @greenskull know that he calculates against the visible trend :thinking: :grin: :grin:

Three quarters done,
243,548 to go

4.3.21 (I had to write it in this strange US-way; of course I mean 3rd of April)
04:03 UTC

a card from FI to AT*

(*this resp. AT-user would have to register in the middle of the night, but hey, why not? (maybe it’s me during my nightshift :star_struck:)


I just have good Magic Crystal Balls.
But seriously, I take into account the Catholic Easter.


Oh :man_shrugging: well.
I will slightly adjust my prediction for a little earlier time.
I guess that we will pass the 61 mio level on 06 April at 00:00 (UTC).
It is midnight between 05 and 06 April.

126 100 postcards and a little less than two weeks left to go.

PS Me and Stefan (@Stevyy ) have a rather large gap in predictions – about two days.
And apparently, as usual, the truth will be exactly in the middle :slight_smile:

Here we are again - the last (centi)mile.

Don’t know about orthodox RU, but here in the :laughing: Western Easter :laughing: countries, the coming holidays won’t have a big impact. Yes, there is some colourful mail on its way, and some countries don’t have mail delivered on Good Friday and/or Monday - but the effect is tiny compared to Christmas/New Year. Also, no big or small trips or vacations abroard this year for many (Europeans) - so folks might even find more time to write and register cards.
To sum up: I think you miscalculated, @greenskull. Maybe even big :smirk:

98,280 to go

04:02 UTC

a card from FI to AT

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May be :man_shrugging:
Let’s see :slight_smile:

The Moment of Truth may come on 03 of April at noon 12:00 (UTC).

I’m taking a wild guess as well!

April 1st 23:23 UTC


67006 cards to go :smiley:

I adjust my guess, now I´m think 61 million will be reached on 31 March.


Let me make my guess…

1st April
20:02 UTC

DE to US