[Countdown GB] United Kingdom countdown to GB-1777777

In the old forum (Postcrossing (Legacy) Forum - GREAT BRITAIN countdown to GB-1313131) we were counting down to GB-1313131 and today (07/12) I’ve just drawn GB-1322409 so looks like we’ve passed this milestone quite some time ago!

I just wondered if anyone fancied doing another countdown? If so, any suggestions for the next milestone?

Here are some previous ones:


Well how about GB-13333333 (All 3’s) or GB-14444444, all fours? of course long way off but GB-15555555 after that? :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan, Ed! Let’s start the countdown to GB-1333333 :cowboy_hat_face:

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GB-1323297 is on its way to :us:

GB-1324459 is on its way to Belarus!

GB-1325579 is on it ways to Russia :ru:

So is GB-1327282 :slight_smile:

GB-1330056 is on its way to the US :us: and GB-1330468 to Germany :de:

GB-1331697 is winging its way to :de:

We’ve missed it!
GB-1333659 is going to Germany!

Damn! I knew it would happen soon, but hadn’t realised it would happen this soon! Should we go for GB-1444444 next, as per @EDC83’s suggestion?

GB-1333662 :arrow_right: :ru:
GB-1333663 :arrow_right: :de:
GB-1333664 :arrow_right: :ru:
GB-1333665 :arrow_right: :de:
GB-1333666 :arrow_right: :de:

I just wanted to draw GB-1333666 :smiling_imp:


GB-1334028 :arrow_right: :it:
GB-1334029 :arrow_right: :taiwan:

GB-1334252 is on its way to Germany :de:
GB-1334703 is going to the USA today :us:

GB-1335342 :arrow_right: :us:

GB-1335485 is going to Germany :de:

I’ve Pinched GB-1335555 en-route to Deutschland :de:


GB-1336295 :arrow_right: :de:

GB-1335703 is going to the USA :us:
GB-1335976 is going to Germany :de:

GB-1336456 is on its way to Taiwan :taiwan:

GB-1336517 :arrow_right: :de: