[Countdown GB] United Kingdom countdown to GB-1500000

GB-1354577 is going to Russia :ru:
GB-1354740 is going to Finland :finland:
GB-1354942 is going to Taiwan :taiwan:
GB-1355153 is going to Germany :de:

GB-1355446 going to Japan :jp:

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GB-1355628 is going to Italy :it:
GB-1355629 is going to Germany :de:
GB-1355630 is going to the U.S. :us:
GB-1355779 is going to the Netherlands :netherlands:

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GB-1355988 is going to Ireland :ireland:

GB-1356031 is going to Russia :ru:
GB-1356387 is going to Ireland :ireland:
GB-1356393 ia going to the US :us:

GB-1355988 arrived with @fisherman today!


How do you add a photo to a forum post?

If you mean like how Jess posted above, you just need to paste the web address on a line on its own :slight_smile: So, for example: https://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/GB-1355779. Here, as it isnโ€™t on a line on its own, it just shows as a link. Underneath, Iโ€™ll post the link on a line to its self and itโ€™ll come up like Jessโ€™ post :slight_smile:

GB-1358828 is on it way to Germany :de:

And yesterday GB-1356387 touched down in Ireland with @fisherman!


I did suspect that yours travelling to Ireland would be to @fisherman too :sweat_smile: nice card! I like that range

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Weโ€™ve broken in to 136xxxxx: GB-1360471 on its way to :de:

GB-1360147 is going to Australia :australia:
GB-1360149 is going to Germany :de:
GB-1360150 is going to USA :us:
GB-1360151 is going to Germany :de:
GB-1360152 is going to Finland :finland:
GB-1360243 is going to the Netherlands :netherlands:

GB-1360532 is going to Belarus :belarus:
GB-1360546 is going to Germany :de:

GB-1360735 is heading to China :cn:

GB-1361711 is heading to Germany :de:
GB-1361718 is heading to India :india:

GB-1361770 is going to China :cn:

GB-1362179 is heading to Russia :ru:

GB-1362189 is going to the USA :us:

GB-1362219 is going to Turkey :tr: