[Countdown GB] United Kingdom countdown to GB-1500000

So’s GB-1336869

GB-1337280 :arrow_right: :cn:

GB-1337370 to Russia
GB-1337481 to USA

GB-1338472 is on its way to Germany :de:

GB-1339319 on its way to Russia

GB-1339622 and GB-1339623 are both Russian bound :ru:

GB-1339743 is going to Germany
GB-1339747 is going to USA

GB-1340152 is on its way to Germany :de:

Bad weather prevented me getting out to a postbox yesterday and when I went out on Monday, I forgot to take the written postcards with me :sweat_smile: But today’s a nicer day and with it the following postcards will be on their way to their final destinations! :slight_smile: (Provided I don’t forget them again when I head out on a walk :crazy_face:)

GB-1342448 is bound for Taiwan :taiwan:
GB-1342449 is bound for Hungary :hungary:
GB-1342450 is bound for Germany :de:
GB-1343134 is bound for Austria :austria:
GB-1343136 is bound for Germany :de:
GB-1343399 is bound for the US :us:

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GB-1345000 is heading for Sunny Malibu, California, USA :us:


GB-1345222 is on it’s way to Germany and will be posted tomorrow :love_letter:

GB-1346947 is on its way to Germany :de:

GB-1349891 is going to Russia :ru:
GB-1349893 is going to Germany :de:
GB-1349920 is going to Belarus :belarus:
GB-1349953 is going to Germany :de:
GB-1350361 is going to the USA :us:

GB-1350634 going to Austria :austria:

Yesterday I received

from forummember @and_abelard

GB-1352385 is going to Ukraine :ukraine:

GB-1352987 is going to Turkey :tr:
GB-1353018 is going to Germany :de:
GB-1353287 is going to Finland :finland:
GB-1353489 is going to Germany :de:

GB-1353188 is on its way to Germany :de:
GB-1353189 is on its way to the US :us:
GB-1353190 is on it way to Germany :de:

GB-1354012 is on its way to New Zealand :new_zealand:

I received

this week.

-Official cards travelling to :cn: 344 days Expired :frowning: and 11 days, :macau: 331 days, :hong_kong: 270 days, Expired :frowning: , :portugal: 167 days Expired :frowning: , :netherlands: 41 days, :taiwan: 35 days, , :uk: 27 days, :ru: 20 days and 8 days, :us: 20 days, 14 days, 13 days, 11 days and 6 days, :finland: 15 days, :romania: 7 days, :canada: 6 days, :belgium: and :sweden: today .

-Last 10 received: :us:, :us:, :ru:, :czech_republic:, :switzerland:, :uk:, :uk:, :ru:, :netherlands: and :netherlands: .