Cost of stamps…in 2023

Good day peeps, as there is a lot of talk about our cost of stamps…how is this affecting you. . what changes will you make?

in Canada it cost us 2.71 to mail International. And that is not even adding cost of cards…

I designed this card as a reminder what a gift of giving has been for me…I do LOVE this adventure.


In Singapore, we just had an increase in postage prices this past March. It was an increase of 10 cents across the board - with Singpost previously having absorbed the rising costs.

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It does add up, but I keep sending cards anyway because it’s so much fun :slightly_smiling_face:

For reference, CAD $2.71 = 1.96 euro

Sending to the US is a little cheaper, CAD $1.30 = 0.97 USD

One trick I learned from other postcrossers is that you can sometimes find reputable stamp dealers selling older unused postage for less than face value, so you can buy discounted still usable postage that way. Plus it’s fun to load up cards with older, bigger stamps and try to get them to fit. :blush:


About a year ago, I stopped Official Postcrossing. The reasons were many, but with the cost increasing every 6 months, only to get back unsuitable cards - just not worth it. I also dropped some single card tags. Now, I stay with multiple card RRs and private trades.


We are lucky in Germany and don’t have a price increase for stamps in 2023 (only very special business related prices are increasing) or 2024! :slight_smile:

With each increase the prices are fix for a set period of time :wink: All increases need to be approved by our Federal Network Agency.


The US has had 3 postage increases in the last year and a half and another is scheduled early in the new year. But still postage is quite inexpensive compared to many other countries, so we shouldn’t complain (though that doesn’t seem to stop us! :smiling_face:)

When I joined Postcrossing two years ago it was only $1.20. Now, to send a postcard or under 1 oz envelope, it is currently $1.40 and will go up to $1.45. So I guess Canada can send to us for much less than vice versa, but it is still cheaper for us to send to almost every other country than for the vast majority of you guys to send to us. Sorry!


The cost for postcards here in Cyprus stays the same.

0.64 euros for Europe
0.75 euros for Non Europe + Russia

Always there is an additional 0.02 tax cost (refugee stamp). Probably the only change will be the background color of this stamp.




The price in France increases every year. This year the international rate increases by 9%. From 1.65 euros it goes to 1.80 euros and there has been no European tariff for a few years. For France the price undergoes a cachet increase because the price does not change 1.16 euros but instead of taking 2 days, it will take 3.
I send fewer postcards because it represents a budget and I can no longer buy stamps for the collection. The post is full that there is not enough mail so they increase the price of the stamp but the postage being more and more expensive there is less mail


in the netherlands, it’s 1,55 euros per international stamp. in 2023 that will be 1,65 euros. i actually thought it would be a much higher change, so i don’t think i’ll actually pay more attention to how much i buy :slight_smile: i just love it too much haha!


The prices for stamps increases every year on 1 January. From 1 January 2023 the price for stamps (postcards and letters up to 20 g) within Europe will cost € 2,9 and for outside Europe € 3,5.


Cheaper than the UK. Ours is £ 1.85 ( 2.98 C. D.)

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When I joined postcrossing more than 14 years ago, international postcard postage was $0.98.
So it will have increased by about the same amount in the years you’ve been a PC member as in the 10+ years before!


I joined Postcrossing earlier this year and nearly fainted when I saw the price of stamps. The last time I sent a postcard abroad from the UK the price was double digits. I don’t have many vices so £1.85 is OK.


That explains much about the financial troubles of the US Postal System!

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Who are you directing this to? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This card is beautiful! Did you get it printed?

To you!

Ahhh as these are individual cards each one has over 20 pieces that you glue on each … not printed yet… they are being sent out as one of a kind.
Thank you for your nice note :heart:

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The cost of international stamps is a prohibitive item in my own budget (limited retirement income). As the U.S. continues to raise postal prices, I feel somewhat compelled to limit myself to one international postcard a week. It seems like the prices for international mailings will be rising again, soon. This is dismaying because I really enjoy the exchange. In addition to that, the supply of fun creative and artsy postcards seems limited. A lot of our local artists are producing many cards (for envelopes), but not postcards. The limited supply permits higher prices as well. This is another difficulty.


tomorrow royal mail will announce new prices for 2023