**Coin swap**

Hello guys!

Is there anyone who collects foreign coins and banknotes?

If the answer is yes, maybe you’ll be interested in swap. I would like to add to my collection foreign coins that I don’t have and in return I offer Croatian ones :slight_smile:

If you are interested, comment below where are you from!

Looking forward,


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PM You !

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Let’s switch! I have many coins of the USSR and Russia

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Do you have already have some American coins/banknotes? Because I’d like to trade :slight_smile:

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Me too. I have coins from many countries to offer.

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A message sent from Finland

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Hi. I would definitely swap some Canadian coins with you. We’ve discontinued the penny (the one cent coin), but I still have some lurking in my cupboard. Nickels, dimes and quarters are easy to come by.

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Hi there!

I have extra coins from :canada::us::thailand::taiwan::hong_kong::cn::ru::malaysia:, let me know which one you are interested!

I’d be interested too!

Hello , I am from China , but I don’t know how to send it to you

I would love to receive some Croatian money! I’m in the US and have $2.00 bills and .50 or 1.00 cent coins I can send you, which are a little more unusual!

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Hello. Are you interested in getting coins/banknotes from Russia? If so, I’ll trade with you.

Hey I’d love to swap, I can send US coins.

Hola, puedo intercambiar monedas de España (euros o antiguas pesetas). Un saludo.

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Are you interested to swap circulated euro coin (for example 2€ commemorative coins)?

Hello.I would be very to receive quarters

I made my collector’s blog. It’s not perfect but I will keep working on it.
I would really like to swap.
Feel free to check it out!

Hi Lucijabi29!

Did you receive my envelope? and I am waiting for your envelope photo. I sent a pm long back, maybe you missed it.