[Closed] Vacation lottery!

Hello my fellow NA postcrossers :sparkles:
I’m currently on a vacation in Taiwan and of course I had to order some postcards from local artists here! I’m holding this lottery to spread the joy. :wink: These following cards will be mailed from :taiwan:
Here are the offers!

Card A: WT Taiwan by Nisan

Card B: Illustrated Animal card from Nicko Huang

Card C: Greetings from Taiwan card from Lovely Taiwan Postcard

To enter: Number yourself and choose a card you’d like to receive.
:sparkles: Note: this lottery is for the NA region only

Three winners will be randomly chosen on 6/21 :sparkles:
Good luck to everyone!


#1 @Skittykitty

card b, please
I hope you have an awesome vacation!
Thank you for the lottery!

#2 @SharonMI

Card B

Thanks for the lottery!

#3 @StephofYorktown
Card A
Have a great vacation!!!

#4 @page57 # 1 please and thanks

#5 @Cocosmom
Card B
Thanks for the lottery :slightly_smiling_face:

#6 @BrunLa
Card A
Thank you!

7 @tinkerstorm
A-B in order of preference.
Have a nice trip!

#8 @deblef
Card B
Have a great trip.

#9 @SandwichTeaPostcard

Card A please
Have fun in Taiwan!

The winners are #1 @Skittykitty and #3 @StephofYorktown

Please send me your addresses :two_hearts: Thanks for participating!