CLOSED -- [USA Lottery] 5 Cards in Envelope

In order to de-stash some of my accumulating cards, I’ve decided to host a lottery! This lottery is for USA postcrossers only, so I can send more envelopes at the cheaper domestic rate. If you are a non-USA postcrosser and want to participate, please check out the same offer here (but international and fewer winners, sorry!):

This is a lottery to receive 5 cards in an envelope. There will be TEN winners selected on Sunday, July 2 around 2:00 PM EST (GMT-4).

I will DM the winners to see how many cards they want written and how many they want unwritten. I will use your profile to select the cards to send you.

For posting, all you need to put is your number, your username, and (optional) what’s something someone said to you that you’ve never forgotten?


#1 @CrimsonKing “You get more bees with honey than vinegar.” Basically meaning to be kind. :hibiscus: Thank you for this lottery Avery. :blush:

#2 @Tara_Bell

Thanks for the generous lottery!

#3 @PamUSAOhio

Thank you for the lottery!

#4 @Mimicakes
Thanks for hosting :slight_smile:

#5 @mon23

This is so nice of you! Thank you!

#6 @sarahaeyo “it’s not concrete, until it’s in concrete” :building_construction: basically plans can always change so you shouldnt make assumptions (for better or worse) about how things are going to go.
thank you for the lottery!

#7 @ilovecoffe
Thanks for the lottery :hugs:

#8 @DawnMarie3203

Thanks for the lottery

#9 @cstar9

How generous of you - thank you!!

My grandmere used to say, One day you will grow up. Whatever you want to be is fine. If you’re going to be a ditch-digger, be the best dam* ditch-digger you can be.

She also told me never to be intimidated by anyone because of their fame or prestige - that everyone puts their pants on the same way, one leg at a time.

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#10 @Annazon :blush:

11 @Illusearch
Hi Avery,
Thanks for the generous giveaway.

#12 @BobLucky7 ”wear comfortable shoes!”
When I told someone that I want to follow their footsteps and be like them.

#13 @tatteredbutterfly67
Thank you for this lottery :blush:
~Never try to teach a pig to sing because it waste your time and annoys the pig.
~Always keep gas in your car, you may have an emergency and don’t have time to stop to get some.
~its a sorry dog that doesn’t wag his own tail.

#14 @maami
Thanks for the lottery!!

#15 @BarbL
Thanks for the chance!

#16 @miss_fortune_666

This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before. -Maya Angelou

I repeat this whenever I’m having a bad day to change my perspective and reframe everything in a positive light.

Thank you so much for the lottery!

#17 @waydowneast
Thanks for this fun lottery! I love surprises!
My aunt, with whom my cousins and I would often road trip, always said, “You’re never lost. You’re always somewhere.” I’ve repeated this to my kids and travel pals (even recently) more times than I can count. (I guess that says something about my navigational skills–or lack thereof, haha).

#18 @Cera1985
Thank you :shamrock:

#19 @thetinylibrarian

No one told me this, but I read it and have never forgotten it! “Remember when you wanted what you currently have.” Helps me stay grateful :relaxed: