(Closed) Summer Friday Lottery 🍹

Hello everyone,
Summer Fridays are my favourite, when it’s still light outside after work and you can go to some beer garden for a drink after work.:smiley:
I’m hosting this lottery to raise awareness about the RR I’ve recently started to host July - December 2021 RR [Sign-ups open]
We still have some free space, so if you are interested feel free to sing up!:blush:

To participate in the lottery just write your name, no need to number (every post already has a number assigned automatically) and I’ll choose the card for the winner according to their wish list🌺
Option activity: recommend me a song which you assossiate with summer🍸

The lottery will close sometime when I feel like it.



Thank you!


Dancing in the moonlight by Toploader reminds me of summer :sunny: :beach:

Thank you! :heart:

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NatM Thank you for the great lottery :heart_eyes:

Summer has finally arrived here in the UK :+1:

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thank you :slight_smile:
Calvin Harris: Summer

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thank you for the lottery :grinning:


bananarama - cruel summer :heart_eyes:




Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the lottery.
Summer is for me celebrating birthdays outside and sailing with our boat on Dutch waters.

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Thank you for summer lottery! :sunflower:

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@Alyonushka-SPb Thank you very much for your lottery! Metela Sacala - El Chevo

Take me home,country roads by John Denver
Thanks for the lottery

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There’s a brazilian song that came to my mind, it’s called Vamos Fugir (Let’s run away) by Skank

Thanks for the lottery! :sun_with_face:

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When I turn on White Lies “Taxidermy” I always think about summer. But i don’t know why :slight_smile:
I also enjoy ‘More oxygen i said’ by Mooncake - right song for night walks :slight_smile:

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“Summertime”, by George Gershwin.
Best version: Flying Pickets!

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Thank you for this exciting lottery :blush:
Blanco White - The Lily


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@Malika1604 Thank you very much for this wonderful lottery! Francesco Gabani - Estate

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My summer song would be Party by Girls’ Generation. :tropical_drink:

Thanks for the lottery! :grin:

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Summer Paradise by Simple Plan :slight_smile:
Thanks for the lottery!

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Summertime sadness.
Only Human - Jonas Brothers

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“Surfin’ Safari” by the Beach Boys! Or anything by them actually! haha

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