❌ CLOSED ‘Postcards Gone Wrong’ Lottery

Have you ever bought postcards online and when they arrived, they are completely not up to the standard. In my case, the pictures on the postcards do not match the captions :flushed::roll_eyes: One of them even shows New York City as Singapore :woman_facepalming:t2:

So if you are happy to receive a written and stamped mismatch postcard from Singapore, comment below with consecutive numbers please.

I have EIGHT to send away :wink::laughing:


#1 Mati97
Thank you!!! :smile:

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#2 @Aseef
Anyway I haven’t received mismatch cards so far ,I think!,
Thanks for this lottery :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

#3 AlessiaGordon

Wow :star_struck: Thanks

#4 @NatM That’s hilarious :rofl:

Thanks for the lottery!

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#5 bayankod
Thanks for the lottery

#6 nocsiz

Very funny! Thank you!

#7 @Malika1604 Thank you very much for this interesting lottery!

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#8 lauranalanthalasa

Well, these are very unique cards :joy:

Thank you for the lottery :pray:

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#9 wurzelsofie

I love weird and unusual cards! :grin:

Thank you for the lottery!
:green_heart: :fox_face:

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#10 @Ozge
Thank you for this great lottery!

#11 stefbot75

thank you for the lottery :grinning:

#12 jezergirl
thank you for the lottery! :smiley:

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#14 @Alyonushka-SPb
Fantastic! :laughing: thank you very much!!

No 15 @Oceanfun
Thanks for the lottery. Hope I receive the Singapore - New York card.

#16 @Carsjana
That’s so funny :smiley: Thank you for the lottery!

#17 @noritaa

Thanks for the lottery.

#18 Norway_girl

I have two postcards in my collection, showing the same view of Arendal, Norway. One of them says it’s a view of Kristiansand, another city on the southern coast of Norway. I’ve visited the place the photo is taken, so I know it’s a view of Arendal.

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#19 yudi
Thank u