[CLOSED] Partly used stickers

Hello folks! :wave:

I have some stickers I want to give away to someone who has more use for them than I.

National Geographic: animals, landscape and culture - to @jilli1002 , @zdenkofajt and @yudi

Not all of these stickers are square, some are cut- outs from the main motif.

hearts and smilies - to @Matilde007

These Stickers are leftovers

Sarah Kay - to @mommi

At last I think it is Sarah Kay, These Stickers survived from my mothers childhood.

If you are interested, please post in this topic which stickers you want and send me a message with your addresse.
The first one (for a theme) will get them.


I am sending you a PM

Hey, I am interested in some of the National Geographic stickers.

And fun fact: I found the same heart stickers and the other ones last week at my grandmas house hahaahah what a coincidence

I will send you a PM

Sending PM

Had no idea NG had sticker books and they look pretty cool! Thanks!

Actually it´s from a supermarket.

i sent a pm :slight_smile:

@jilli1002, @yudi, @zdenkofajt and @LC-Canada

I can send everyone 10 from the NG.

And then they are gone.
Only Sarah Kay is left to give away.

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Thanks for the offer, but I don’t need any stickers, just happy to know they’re out there!

Then more stickers for the other 3 :slight_smile:

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Hello Jarana,

Today I received your envelope full of stickers.
Thank you very much for beautiful sticker selection that you sent to me.

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