CLOSED Offer: Will send illustrated dog postcard

Edited to add:

I’m out of postcards to send for this time.

If you’ve already sent a message, I’ll be working on writing your postcards this week.


Hello, fellow postcrossers!

This week, I have dog postcards to send to up to ten people. Message me your address if you would like to have one, and let me know if you’d prefer to have it written and stamped or unwritten and sent in an envelope.

You are welcome to send something back if you’d like, but it is not necessary. I am happy to share, and I can’t draw another name for a while, so this gives me something to write until then. :slight_smile:


Will send PM!

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I have send you a PM. :smiley:

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I sent you a PM>

do you have any left?

I send you a PM

Thanks to all who have messaged! I’ll get cards out by this weekend. :slight_smile:

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