[CLOSED] Offer (U.K. only): Nude pin-up circa 1925

Does anyone want this postcard? I don’t want anything in return - this is a straight-forward giveaway.

I am not a prude :nerd_face: but I just can’t bring myself to send this to a random stranger even if they ask for erotic cards/pin-ups etc in their profile! :crazy_face: I feel better offering it up here to someone who knows what it looks like and knows it’s on the way, if you see what I mean. :grin:

It was one of a random set of ‘nostalgia’ cards. The lady is fully nude, hence my censorship. :grin:

I think the fairest thing is to say the first person who PM’s me with their address can have it.

:uk: UK only please to keep costs down. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


I love this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: if you change your mind about only the UK I’d love it and could send you something as a fair trade. But no pressure because I understand high postage :pleading_face:

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Hi, I moved your offer to the British Isles community, as I think it’s the appropriate place if it’s only open to people who have an address there.