CLOSED Looking for LouPaper state card sent from origin!

In return I’ll send you a LouPaper Ohio card sent from origin!


I can send you a Lou Paper card from Montana :slight_smile: Also, there is a Lou Paper category in this round robin, if you’re interested : [RR] US to US Themes RR - New Host

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Hi, sending you a pm

I have lots of Arizona cards that can be sent from origin, and I welcome all LouPaper state swaps! :hugs:

I can send from Illinois, but it’ll be postmarked from St. Louis, MO, if that doesn’t bother you, we can trade. :smiley: Send me a PM if you’re interested.

This Loupaper that I’m seeing people talk about. Is this the Etsy designer? I see people asking for trades of different things and am wondering where everyone gets their postcards.

Yep it’s an Etsy shop! I think they have an instagram as well but I buy from Etsy.

This is the Etsy website. Lots of fun designs! This link is for the US, not sure why it says, but oh well.