CLOSED - Looking for Chinese native speakers penfriends

Hi!. Since I’m learning Chinese Mandarin (absolut beginner), I’m looking for native speaker penfriends. Anyone interested? I can speak German, English and Italian. Thanks in advance.



Hi Tang,
Would you like penpalling with me?


Thanks so much for your reply. If you send me your postal address in a private message, I’ll write a letter to you. Thanks in advance.

At the moment I’m practicing listening and speaking, not writing yet.


No, I’m still a beginner in Chinese Mandarin.


Thanks so much but I’ve already many Chinese penpals. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much but I’ve already many Chinese penpals. :slight_smile:

Hi all! Thanks so much for all your messages. I’ve got a lot of requests from Japanese and Chinese speaking friends. At the moment I’m looking for Korean native speakers penpals only.

Hi everyone I noticed this topic and decided to try my luck and find pen pals. I speak English (B2) and Chinese (approximately HSK level 4). I will be very happy if you respond to this message. If you are not a native speaker, then I will also be glad of your messages, because learning languages together is much more fun!


@lavander_teafish 我感兴趣,中文是我的母语,但我之前没有交过笔友,这要怎么开始啊?

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Hi! I am a Chinese native speaker currently living in France, so I will not be affected by the suspension of Postcrossing to China. Feel free to contact me via message!

I want to try it! I’m a Chinese native speaker and also majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. If you want to penpal with me, please feel free to email or reply me.:heart:

Recently I received nice card from Windoo with offer to swap.
But I can’t search this postcrosser on site.
Please, help me!
I received this card.